* Helping a student use adjectives

I’ve been asked to elaborate on previous posts regarding a student who struggles to generate ideas for writing.  Specifically, he cannot think of descriptive words to add to his his map (or writing plan).  This problem creates tremendous anxiety since he feels time pressure to complete an assignment that he can’t even start.  The more anxious he becomes, the less he can think of anything useful.  I did note that he doesn’t use adjectives in conversation, despite his strong verbal reasoning skills.  Here’s a sample worksheet which requires drawing connecting lines, not writing words.  (I made it on Super Teacher Worksheets, a fabulous site; check out this post for details).  I can count on this student’s excellent memory to store some of these adjectives, especially when I ask him which sense he might use to think of that adjective.  I am hoping to link his word retrieval to a specific mental “folder.”  I also chose adjectives which could possibly describe more than one noun; my goal is to generate a bit more focus as he matches the words.  I can also increase his focus by timing him on this task, then have him a complete a comparable sheet and see if he can beat his previous time.  This student enjoys time challenges when they’re not in the context of actual writing.   matching adjectives