* Fuzzy wuzzy Medusa

Color Your World: Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown

Caution:  This post is potentially dangerous.

I mentored a special youngster on the autism spectrum (who is now 52 and still writing to me!) and she was enamored of my hair.  Truthfully, she thought my hair looked ridiculous and she laughed like crazy about it every time we were together.  She tried so hard to keep her hysteria under control but if she looked at my hair, anything could happen.  When we were at an ice skating rink, she caught a glimpse of my hair and before I could react, her ice skate smashed into my chest!  On a hike one day, she inadvertently looked at my hair and dragged us on our bums down a hillside covered with poison ivy.   She was very sweet and made a huge effort not to hurt my feelings, but to heck with my body!

I guess you could say I was like Medusa, who turned you into stone if you looked directly at her.  A Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Creature, the stuff of legends.

Afro (1)

Yikes!  Don’t look!

*Color my fuzzy wuzzy brown bear

For real!  Fuzzy wuzzy brown is a Crayola color (thanks, Jennifer!).  Meet Rufus, my LTB (local traveling bear).


You can see why I wouldn’t subject Rufus to the cargo section of an airplane.  He doesn’t mind traveling by car, as long as he can see out the window.  Personality-wise, he’s the most stoic of all my bears.  That’s a polite way of saying that his fuzzy fur is a cover for a rather humorless personality.  On the other hand, I can count on him to tolerate a mini-cuddle if needed.  Rule #1: Don’t muss his fuzzy wuzzy fur.