* Hand-held hair salons

Here’s a unique hair salon app for elementary aged kids that both boys and girls seem to enjoy.  The Toca Hair Salon app is your one-stop salon for shampooing, combing, shaving, dying and hacking hair to shreds.  Unlike the Pocket Princess apps, once you make the in-app purchase, the flood of ads disappears.  Kids have a wide range of easy-to-use tools for aggressively mangling one of six heads of hair.  My niece photographed this relatively minor hair treatment- a shampoo and combing, followed by color spray in the face.  Thankfully, the spray only sticks to hair and does not cause blindness.
Toca 2

There are 6 characters from which to choose.  They are all humanoid, I think, and appear to enjoy the salon experience, no matter what you do to them.  This “guy” below kept saying, “Wow!” as his hair was lengthened hair and blown into a storm.  I asked my niece if he was a lion and she answered, “Look at his nose.”  ‘Nuff said.Toca 3Apart from possibly encouraging kids to take a razor to their own hair, this is a fun app.  One more favorite photo, to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”Toca 1