* Sharing my world, thankfully

Cee’s Share Your World challenge is all about gratitude this week, a perfect match with Thanksgiving!  She made a funny comment about writers; it also applies to teachers, so check out her post for details.  What am I thankful for in:

  • My home life?  Love and peace. A life that provides a glimpse of heaven.
  • My family?   Our sweet son and his adorable wife, my precious sister and her amazing husband, and all the trillions of kiddos.  Well, it sometimes feels like there are trillions, in a good way!  We have the BEST extended family as well.
  • My blogging community?  Oh, so many kind bloggers who read and like and comment.  Wow, I am blessed.
  • My city or immediate area in which I live?  What a gorgeous place to live!  Our neighborhood is special, there’s an awesome lap pool not far away, and people are genuinely friendly.
  • The regional area in which I live?   Another positive!  We’re midway between mountains and beaches, not far from many places to hike and explore.
  • The country where you live?  I love this country, with our tapestry of folks who embrace such a wide range of beliefs.  I am thankful for our freedom and the efforts of those who seek greater freedom from prejudice and injustices which still abound.
  • Me?  I am happy in my skin and growing more so every day.  That’s a huge change from the tortured soul I used to be.
  • God.  (I added this one.)  Where would I be without the creator of all that is beautiful and good?  Where would I be without His death so that I might live?  Thank you, Jesus!  I am also grateful for our family of believers.  When we broke ground for our larger building recently, my widower and I inscribed rocks (without looking at each other’s first) which have gone into the foundation of the building. His is on the right.  What a precious man!

* Sharing my world

I am so excited about blogging again!  The mental haze from my kidney infection is clearing, although I remain physically zapped.  Cee’s weekly challenges are still available, so it’s off to the blogosphere races!

Cee’s Share Your World challenge is exceptionally cool this week.

What is the perfect pizza?  Oh, how I labored for years to create the perfect pizza!  I told my dearest widower that we could save money, have the healthiest pizzas ever, and charm our small group members with homemade pizza.  He eventually convinced me that we weren’t getting a brick oven, so I turned to pizza stones.  I started with a small one since they are pricey, but who wants a 6″ pizza?  I HAD to buy a giant version (on sale!), which was so heavy that I dropped and cracked it.  I reassured my pizza widower that I could use it in pieces, but I also needed a huge wooden pizza-sized “spatula” to remove the pizza without losing our unique toppings.  I tried homemade beer crust, sourdough, and herb crusts until my bread machine broke, which meant I needed to purchase a much more expensive better model.  Since I was dissatisfied with homemade sauces (despite all the pizza cookbooks I purchased), I began experimenting with designer sauces from specialty stores.  Eventually, my financial widower remarked that our pizzas were costing us about $50 per slice.  We now order Papa Johns when the kiddos come over.

What is your favorite time of day?  It varies seasonally.  Summer evenings are delightful with the flicker of fireflies and rumble of thunderstorms.

Show us two of your favorites photographs.  The photos can be from anytime in your life span.  Explain why they are your favorite.  My favorite photos include my family, but I want to respect their privacy so I found some oldies….

M and Luke

Our sweet son and sweet Luke

Allison  1.jpg

Our sweet daughter-in-law

Complete this sentence:  I’m looking forward to…. BEING HEALTHY AGAIN!  

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?   I am grateful for all the love, prayers, and support I’ve received in the past week (and for so much longer!).  I look forward to returning to work, seeing those kiddos I love.

* Cheap Thrill Friday: Happy Mustache Day!

imageWilly and Everest wanted to wish all of you a “Happy Mustache Day!” I think it’s from the TV show Wally Kazan on Nick Jr., but I just couldn’t let this cuteness slide. TGIF everyone. Have a great weekend