* Check out K. Renae P.

K. Renae P. is another of my favorite bloggers.  She does it all!  Her blog is primarily focused on teaching and learning, where she demonstrates an insatiable desire to spread info about so many topics that my head spins.  She has a stack of awesome free teacher resources.  And 16 cool categories including “I Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” “Video Clips” and “Primary Documents.”  She writes with refreshing clarity and humor and has some serious information packed into her site.  Five things you didn’t know about polar bears?  Fourteen grand engineering challenges?  And Renae is connected.  You’ll find her buzzing from conference to conference, sharing information and taking the time to chat and enjoy herself.  She’s a blogging dynamo!  Did I mention she finds time to watch TV??

K. Renae

Her Gravatar page gives you some insight on this remarkable woman’s achievements:

Elementary Science Specialist, Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science Teaching, Educator, Blogger, Member of the National Academies of Sciences Teacher Advisory Council, and Champion of Science Education for Young Children.

K. Renae P. is in a class of her own, but she invites us on her learning adventure.  Join the fun!