* AlphaBooks Blogging: N is for New Tricks

If you love dogs and mysteries, enjoy self-deprecating humor, appreciate any kind of humor, and love dogs, David Rosenfelt’s New Tricks mystery is for you.  It’s one of eleven books in the Andy Carpenter series.  Andy is a dog-loving, wisecracking, and clever lawyer who must be a thinly disguised version of the author.  In fact, they both started a Tara Foundation to rescue Goldens, although the “real” one has saved over 4000 dogs.  David Rosenfelt is also the proud owner of 27 dogs!

In New Tricks, Andy’s client is a Bernese mountain dog, Bertrand II (aka “Waggy”).  This boisterous pup (“who could walk to New Zealand without getting tired”) is at the center of a tangled mess of murders and millions of bucks. Andy Carpenter maneuvers his way through explosions, twists and turns, romance with Laurie, and lots of dog walks.

My dear blogging widower wouldn’t read an Andy Carpenter book if you paid him. For some reason, he hates dogs.  It’s a sign of true love that I forgive him this foible.  Besides, that means I don’t have to share these terrific books.