* Were you born to be a blogger?

Qzzr rocks!  I created my first quiz with rapid assistance from the Qzzr team.  (I wanted to embed the quiz here but the plugin only works on WordPress.org, not.com.)  There is no registration, it takes a minute or so, and that’s it!


What did I learn?  Qzzr forced me to think and rethink both my categories (outcomes) and criteria (questions), a terrific learning process as I consider making a social skills quiz for kids on the autism spectrum.  I started off with a graded quiz but I created far too many possible outcomes, from being a born blogger to avoiding technology at all costs to all shades in between.  I explored single choice versus any choice responses, adding images to my questions, and weighting answer choices.  My dearest widower was kind enough to take the quiz himself, which helped me see that the quiz does not really suit non-bloggers at all!

I think Qzzr could be a powerful tool for students to use, especially gifted kids in upper elementary grades and students in middle and high school.  Teachers could use student-created quizzes as an evaluation of understanding or inclusion in digital portfolios.

5 stars for Qzzr!