* Color Your World MONEY, er, caribbean green

caribbean greencaribbean green 2.JPG

I’d love to say I took this photo while snorkeling in the Caribbean, but unfortunately, I was at an oral surgeon’s office.  My dearest teaching widower is spending too much time there.  But I think we’re helping that surgeon buy a yacht for his cruises through the caribbean green Bahamas.

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for the Color Your World challenge!

* Color Your World – Canary

Here is Jennifer Nichole Wells’ awesome picture for the color canary.


Tourmaline .

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The Color your World challenge will run January through April, for 120 days, with a new Crayola color topic posting each day. Join in daily, or post at your leisure.

Enter your photos, drawings, quotes, poems, stories, anything, as long as it is inspired by the color of the day.

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* Color Your World cadet blue

Cadet blue is a very grayish color with a smidgen of blue.  I took this photo of a creek near our house.  Wish I could have captured the sound of the cadet blue running water!

cadet blue.JPG

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for the Color Your World blogging challenge.

* Color Your World burnt sienna

As a kid who loved to color, burnt sienna was not only an intriguing name but a great choice for creating sorrel-colored horses.  I loved the book, “The Black Stallion Challenged!” where our hero races Flame, a burnt sienna horse if there ever was one.

Here’s the closest I’ve gotten to that color.  At a Chinese restaurant.

burnt sienna.JPG

Thanks to Jennifer Nicole Wells for her Color Your World challenge!

* Smartbox

SmartBox is an assistive technology company which designs hardware and software for eye gaze use.  Their Look to Learn eye gaze activities are excellent, allowing for initial success and subsequent growth in targeting.  Not only does Smartbox provide fun games and challenges, but each activity captures your student’s eye movements in images similar to heat mapping.  This makes it easier to determine where your kiddo needs more help focusing and provides feedback for teachers, parents, and kids.  In the coloring activity below, the burnt orange color shows where my student focused his eyes the most.  Clever!

burnt orange 2

For more information on Smartbox activities, here’s a terrific video.  I’m sure you’ll find the burnt orange color in this, too.

Thank you, Jennifer Wells, for your Color Your World crayola blogging challenge!

* Yummy brown

O what fun it is to eat….

brown 2.JPG

This brown yule log was as delicious as it looks!  So were the “mushrooms!”  Chocolate brown is one of my favorite colors!  Thank you, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for the Color Your World blogging challenge.  I am about 2 months behind but pushing onward!!

* Brick wall?

brick red 2


How did my mentee get so tall?  I remember when he was just a kindergartner and  would sometimes drive me up a brick wall.  Now he’s a young man who is fun to be around!  Loves to play basketball, maybe has a girlfriend (“It’s complicated”), and we’re talking about college.  Really??

brick red

Thank you, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for your Color Your World blogging challenge.

* Blue violet deer candy

Ah, this is a gorgeous color to imagine, but Crayola makes a slew of purplish colors which are hard for me to distinguish.  Thankfully, Jennifer Nichole Wells placed a snippet of this color on her Color Your World post.

blue violet 1

If you look carefully, I’m sure you’ll see blue violet somewhere on this velvety pansy.  These are among my favorite flowers but since the deer love them even more than I do, these are safe in flower pots at a nearby shopping center.

blue violet 2