* What’s for sale?

Color Your World: Purple Pizzazz

I admit that my idea of purple pizzazz may not be anyone else’s.  This is one of those tricky colors, but I figure the owners of this store know pizzazz when they see it.  After all, they caught my eye!

purple pizzazz sale

* Black

Color Your World: Black

If only.  If only seminars and politically correct talk and the best intentions could change hearts.  Not that intentions and hope aren’t important, but test scores and graduation rates are still racially predictable across this country.  As are incarcerations and segregated neighborhoods and white privilege.  But, on a brighter note, I still know that teachers can make a difference.  We can do our best for ALL kids.  Don’t be “colorblind!”  We can delight in the brilliant colors of all our kiddos.

black costume


* Banana mania

Color Your World: Banana Mania

I think I’ve shared some version of this Spirit Day before.  We were participating in Camp Wonderopolis’ mega-construction mania.  What fun!  Except that the plastic banana mania hats created a mini-sauna and were bearable for about 2 minutes.

banana mania YM

* Catching up on CYW

Color Your World: Electric Lime and Sky Blue

I’ve finally reached the colors for this week.  Whew!


electric lime mask 2

a precious student celebrating Spirit Day with school mascot mask: electric lime, of course

And here is icy sky blue from our recent winter storm.

icy sky blue

* Alternative seating at school

Color Your World: Red Orange

Research is finally catching up with what teachers have known for years: Kids (and teachers!) do their best work when they are comfortably seated.  You will still find many hard plastic chairs in classrooms, but there are also nooks of beanbags, bouncy balls, and form-fitting chairs like this one in red orange.  As with instructional methods, one size does NOT fit all.

red orange chair