* Cee’s B & W challenge

This sign came in black and white, which is handy for me!  It was posted on a barn at Colonial Williamsburg.  If you look at the names of those involved, it was apparently a small troupe.  I could use a bit of Comick Opera, while tomorrow’s fare promises to be rather risque.

sign on barn

* Friendship is golden

Color Your World: Gold

When I was a Girl Scout, we would sing, “Make new friends, but keep the old.  One Is silver and the other’s gold.”  The good news?  Doggie friends are forever.  Oh yes, the blogging challenge.  Um, see the gold on Flora’s collar?  (She’s the smaller one with the EYES.)

dog friends

Or I can go traditional with royal gold blah blah blah from Colonial Williamsburg.  Williamsburg again, you say?  Trust me, Williamsburg was the visit that keeps on giving.

gold too

* Bluetiful!

It’s time for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge! This is Jennifer Nichole Wells’ third year hosting the 4-month long CYW challenge.  Today’s color is simply bluetiful.


This vivid bluetiful carpet is in the governor’s palace ballroom in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Historians were surprised that the colonists of that era used such vivid colors, but items found in rats’ nests don’t lie!