* Teacher’s lounge renovation

teacher's lounge 2(Just to remind my dear readers, we are sitting in this typical teacher’s lounge, waiting to see the assistant principal about a student who was suspended from a bus this morning. And we are gossiping.)

Me: Remember how we were saying that Anne’s student teacher was NEVER going to make it?

You: The quiet, gentle-looking one who will most certainly get run over by her students?

Me: Yeah, her.

You: So?

Me: I have changed my mind.  She could make it after all.

You: What are you talking about?

Me: I found someone who looks just like her.  Go to this blog (Charlotte Hoather) and listen to her sing. She has The Voice.  We were judging a book by its cover: the student teacher could make it.

You:  You’re nuts.

Me: Seriously, if she has The Voice, she will make it.  Any grade level, any school.

Assistant principal: Are you ladies ready?