* Color Your World catch-up 3

Color Your World: Purple Mountains’ Majesty, Blush, Sea Green, Cerulean, Green Yellow, Vivid Tangerine

Whew!  Caught up through the end of February.  Don’t miss out on this digital delight: Search the photograph for the colors!  You could be a winner!*


*Winners may not be notified.  Most likely not.*

* Color my home cerulean


Another delightful word I rarely use.  My old eyes struggle to differentiate this from teal, to be honest.  But cerulean sounds so romantic.   What about this photo for cerulean?   If I were a bird, this would be home.  Sitting on my cerulean porch, looking at the wide blue world.

cerulean 2.JPG

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for your Color Your World challenge!