* We are so cerise if you please…

We are so cerise if you don’t please.   (Shades of Peggy Lee and the evil Siamese duo in “Lady and the Tramp.”)  Cerise, a most underused word, not only sounds lovely, but it has a definite glow to it, reminding me of a cat-o-lantern we saw on Halloween.

cerise 2  cerise 3

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for your Color Your World Challenge.

* Color your world cerise

Many thanks to Jennifer Wells for her Color Your World challenge.  So what color is cerise?  Well, if you Google it, you’ll mostly see cherries but also several shades of reddish pinkishness.  The dictionary defines cerise as a bright or deep red color.  Here’s my tricky way around the exact color.  Cerise is SOMEWHERE in this photo, right?