* Not on my bucket list

When the radiator finally stopped producing plumes of steam, I ventured a look under the hood/bonnet.  The maze of hoses, wires, and dripping green fluid made me think I had killed an alien.  And that’s my entry for Cee’s oddball challenge, along with an inspirational bucket nearby.  Seriously serendipitous.


* A-Z Challenge and Cee’s oddball challenge: O

I took a photo of this Odd and creepy figure today.  I’d passed it numerous times as it stood in the corner of an art room, but I had to take a closer look.  For the first time, I noticed the knife in its hand.  OOh!  I am thinking this will fit with Cee’s Oddball Challenge and move me along in the A-Z world as well!  Shivers.


* Murder and mayhem

Maybe it’s just me, but when I saw this sign, I immediately thought of murder and mayhem.  Perhaps I’ve read too many legal thrillers.  What about you?   Doesn’t it seem a bit odd?   That’s my impression, so I’m entering it in Cee’s Oddball Challenge.  I would bet there’s a gentler way of advertising cemetery spaces.


For those of you who might not know, this is BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE.

* My oddball photo, PG13?

I adore Cee’s photography blog and used our recent trip to San Francisco as an opportunity to take a gazillion photos.  When we revisited the Haight Ashbury district, I saw these legs and KNEW I was all set for Cee’s Oddball Challenge (COB).


I wasn’t sure how to shoot this, like how much of the building to include and whether I should keep an edge straight.  I was using my iPhone 6 and had stretched my family’s patience to near breaking, so I didn’t have a lot of options.  If you have any tips, I’d love them!

* The shoe

I love Cee’s photography site and especially her oddball photo challenge.  Most of my photos look odd.  I recognize beauty but I can’t seem to capture it.  I’m the same with classroom crafts, decorating anything, and clothes.  Anti-Pinterest is my middle name.  So here’s something that caught my eye in a beauty salon bathroom.  I tried like crazy to keep the toilet out of it.