* Cees’ Oddball Challenge

OK, I should “win” Cee’s blogging challenge because I’m already an oddball, even without a photograph.  Or you could say I am a divergent thinker with ADD.  Or you could say I have a split personality.  I mean, how on earth did this photo happen?  Seriously, folks, I did not photoshop it or alter it in any way.  My dearest widower will confirm that he took the photo as I kept saying, “Push the button!  Push the button!”  Of course, iPhone buttons can’t be pushed, so perhaps that explains it.  After watching 2 episodes of “People of Earth,” I might consider this my alien abduction experience.  It reminds me of the old double exposure days of film-in-a camera.  Yikes.

me 1.JPG

Wait, wait, wait!  I do remember what happened!  Wow.  It’s all so clear now.  We were trying to film a fourth of July family video for one of my students.   The four of us were playing a board game and I pulled out my camera, not really asking anyone if we could make a quick video.  I set the camera on video, handed the phone to my teaching widower, and as he fumbled with it, I admit my voice got higher and louder as I said, “Push the button!  Push the button!”  (As a former Brit, I was thinking, “Push the bloody button!”)  He said something odd about pans and I snatched the phone back.  It was on Pano setting and he did push the bloody button after all.  The photo above is me, thinking, “Push the bloody button!”  And yes, we did get a video made after we stopped laughing hysterically at pans and Pano[rama].

* For whom the bell tolls

coffin 003.jpg

It’s OK to ask for whom the bell tolls, cuz this guy did, and see?  No problem!

The background: He died during the construction of our deck and I couldn’t resist taking a photo.  He and his crew finished the deck and my dearest widower also wanted a coffin box in which to “hide” the recycling bins.  Voila!  I always called it The Coffin and this sweet guy obliged!  It is an ODD box, even to this day.

* Buried in plain sight

Southern folks take care of problems in unique ways.  I imagine these two neighbors were a real pain.  Plastic wrap has its advantages over concrete, too.  Once the sun starts heating those “packages,” they’ll be mummified and make good firewood.  Just saying.


Thanks, Cee, for your Odd Ball Challenge!

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