* Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

You should SEE what CEE has for this challenge, which requires the letter V and at least 6 letters total.  Her entries are so clever.  To think I attended a chamber orchestra event on Saturday and didn’t take my camera!  Violins and violas galore!

Here is a sample of the diet that has kept a special kiddo alive: lots of vegetables!  With help from that student’s parents, I am gradually cleaning up my diet (now dairy and gluten-free) and my cholesterol has dropped significantly.  Whee!  Eat those veggies, everyone!



* House of cards

This photo is for Cee’s Fun Foto challenge, with a requirement that the picture uses the letters O and U.  Of course, I used another Williamsburg photo.  (I’m beginning to understand why my daughter-in-law got a bit fed up with me….)  This was in a kid’s bedroom, as if a house of cards could stand there.  Some other kiddo would certainly have blown it down.  I did huff and puff but the cards were  glued together, which is blatant cheating.  But back to the imagined conflict: There probably wasn’t as much tattling when children were to be seen and not heard.  Or preferably not seen at all.

house of cards


* Fun Foto for EE

sheet of foam

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week requires that that the photo topic have two E‘s in the word.  I chose this sheet of foam, which is one-half of the base for the current Wonder League mission, a programming challenge for kiddos.  I repeated the harrowing drive with a second sheet hanging out the back of my car.  As I am wont to do, I somehow misread the required dimensions of the base and asked my dearest widower to chop off a foot.  Not his own, mind you.  The foam base is now 5 x 7, instead of the required 5 x 8.  Oh dear.

Here’s the almost-final product featuring Dash the robot.  I am going to glue that extra foot back on (yikes!) and finish a vinyl mat that goes on top.  Then all of this sits on two tables raised up to my disabled student’s eye level.  Whew!  That’s a mouthful and you are probably WONDERING what this is all about.  The Wonder Leagues offers a terrific opportunity for kids to explore coding on a very cool mission in outer space.  Yeah, that will take some explaining.  More later.

Dash on mat

* THE City

This week’s fun challenge is All About Cities.  Well, we all know there is just one City: San Francisco.  As a former resident, we always referred to our home as The City and 5 million other people knew just what we meant!   Five million people can’t be wrong, right?

SF 3




SF 5

One of MANY steep hills to climb

SF 6

Coit Tower