* CCY Gold Star Award Winners: #22 Guide the Viewer and Flipping Photos — Cee’s Photography

These photos are amazing!  I think you’ll be inspired to take up Cee’s challenges, too!

Welcome to our Gold Star Award and Features for Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge (CCY). These bloggers all deserve a second or third look for their entries to CCY Photo Challenge #22 Guide the Viewer an Flipping Photos. The month’s Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge theme is Compose Yourself Challenge: #23 Black and White: The Basics (open […]

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* Compose Yourself: Cee’s Tips

I’ve been playing around with a photograph of clouds, trying to examine it with Cee’s eyes.  What a task that is!  In her Compose Yourself Challenge #22, she shares tips on guiding the viewer’s eye where you want it to go.  The scene below took my eyes off the traffic.  Not a good idea, in retrospect.  The clouds appeared so unreal, undulating and heavy.  I thought maybe we were heading for a tornado.

clouds 1.JPG

Although my eye is guided upwards by the light, that traffic is in the way.  Here it is, below, without traffic.  I’m not sure why the color is so different.  I prefer the tones in the one above.

clouds 2

Without the traffic (above), all I really saw was that bright spot at the top right, so I tried again.clouds 3

I still didn’t get what I wanted.  The clouds in the center were the most amazing to see in real life, but there those brighter spots seem to guide my eyes away the curvy lines of clouds.  Hmm.  I’m not sure what to do.  Start over?

* Cee’s compose yourself, week 22

This week, Cee has some tips for intentionally guiding the viewer’s eyes to your point of interest.  I was more annoyed than interested as I drove behind a dump truck spewing smoke.  Of course, the dump truck had no identifying features, not even a license plate. We were moving slowly so I grabbed my phone and took the picture below.  Too bad there was a car in between me and the truck, but you get the idea.

Dump truck 2.JPG


Cee comments that our eyes are drawn to light, and what’s the first thing I notice in the picture above?  The yellow lines on the road.  I cropped the photo to remove the hood of my car, as well as that bright area to the left.

dump truck 1.JPG

Now you see why I was so annoyed with the dump truck!  Isn’t Cee clever???  Yeah, it’s still a pitiful picture, but now my intent is clear.  I hope.

* Cee’s geometry challenge

I took all the photos below HOPING that Cee would do something with geometry again in her Compose Yourself Challenge.  I’ve been reading her tips on geometry in photos and looking for angles and lines and shapes. I am not ready for the more subtle forms of geometry, I think, but here I go….

geometry 2

Science experiment on moon phases

geometry 3

Near Chinatown in San Fran

geometry 4

Stanford Chapel

geometry 5

Stanford Chapel

geometry 6

Overlooking San Fran

geometry 7

A welcome seat at the Contemporary Jewish Art Museum in San Fran

geometry 1

Pickup truck in front of me