* Blue green

The 13th color of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World challenge is blue green.  I’ve snipped a sample from her blog because this color is tricky.  Actually, most colors are tricky for me.  I’m not colorblind, but I lack a clear sense of what colors work together, what tones they are, etc.  I might call this color teal, but who knows?

blue green

Here’s my best guess for  blue green.  It’s an awful screenshot of the  background color featuring Moby, but BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. are awesome video-based websites on almost any school topic you can imagine.  They feature a free weekly video, but many of our local schools subscribe to full access so families can login through their media centers.  If you haven’t tried BrainPop, check out their lessons, quizzes, games, other materials, and excellent videos.

blue green 2.JPG