* Final thoughts on student using multiplication.com

multiplication.com 2My special math student, Khalil, finished 4th grade having memorized his multiplication and division facts to 11, thanks to the unique language-based approach by Alan Walker at multiplication.com.  Here are the highlights of Khalil’s performance:

  1. This was the first time Khalil had ever memorized any math facts.  It was the first time he had demonstrated fluency with math facts.  On his last quiz, Khalil scored 95% (with a couple of self-recognized errors) in under three minutes.
  2. Khalil’s dramatic improvement in learning boosted his confidence in math overall.
  3. He began to solve word problems using multiplication and division.
  4. The memorization process in his brain changed significantly.  He started memorizing facts without referring to the associated stories.  His memory appeared more typical as repeated practice actually helped him recall facts, which had not been the case prior to using this strategy.
  5. He was eager to learn these facts, tracking his progress on a multiplication.com times table chart.
  6. This process ensured that he understood the commutative property of multiplication.  Khalil LOVED the commutative property!
  7. Khalil both learned from and enjoyed the multiplication.com games.  We both hummed the tune from “Sketch’s World” uncontrollably!

Khalil’s math problems are severe enough for him to be identified with dyscalculia.  However, if you have students who struggle with only specific facts, multiplication.com could be an effective strategy to try this summer.  The site could also keep your kids fluent in multiplication facts simply by playing games.  I’ve heard that Sketch’s World has a catchy tune.

If you haven’t checked out multiplication.com lately, you’re in for a treat!  The site has just released a student management system for tracking class progress, along with new resources for teaching individual times tables.  Each fact also features improved videos of the multiplication stories.  I’m not sure how long they can keep this FREE, so sign up while you have a chance!  Definitely sign up for their monthly newsletter.  It’s packed with great teaching ideas and materials.

No, I don’t get a commission.  Maybe I should ask….