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In case you were feeling overcome by unexpected obstacles, read what Stephanae has to say!

Everyone Has A Story Everyone has a story and the most exciting part about your story is when you share your trials and how you’ve overcome you empower others who may be struggling. The ongoing process of living, enduring, conquering and sharing is what unites us and makes us stronger individually and collectively. This post is part […]

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* An Interview on Fashion & Sight Loss

With my focus on elementary special needs kids, I must remind myself that these kids face unique challenges as they age. Moreover, anyone can develop a disability related to trauma, aging, and disease. Stephanae McCoy’s Bold Blind Beauty empowers all of us to look beyond the disability while still accommodating those special needs. Stephanae herself is SO gorgeous and empowers others to find their own beauty. This post features an interview which tells ALL about Stephanae’s purpose in writing.

Bold Blind Beauty

Spotlight On Over 40-Bold Blind Beauty

Orange & Lace Maxi dress with lacy orange shrug and blue floral clutch.Yesterday I was honored in being the subject of an interview published on my friend Jess’ blog Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. Thank you Jess for giving me the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on how sight loss and fashion can co-exist. I hope you enjoy the following post:

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to my monthly series of Spotlight On, Over 40. Those of you who are new to the blog, will be introduced monthly to a new Over 40 blogger in an interview style. I love to support my fellow bloggers! Today I am bringing you my interview with Stephanie of Bold Blind Beauty, with whom I met when I first began blogging. We are both from the ‘Burg, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and I became drawn in to Stephanie’s positive outlook and love for fashion, while educating others.

Bold Blind Beauty is the name…

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* Women on the Move: Stephanae McCoy

Stephanae McCoy is a hero to me and many others. She writes a wonderful blog called Bold Blind Beauty, with a blend of guest posts, fashion tips, and personal recollections. As someone who was once diagnosed with macular degeneration and told that I was on a short path to blindness, I can relate a little to Stephanae’s experiences. This post describes her journey from perfect vision to blindness.

Bold Blind Beauty

You don’t know what you can’t see when you can’t see it…

Steph McCoy Steph McCoy

The first time I put on eyeglasses was a little over 44 years ago. The feeling of seeing clearly for the first time stole my breath away. The transition was like leaving a dark movie theatre and stepping outdoors on a bright sunny day. It took time for my eyes to adjust because suddenly everything was so clear and focused as if all my senses were reborn; sound was keener, flavors more savory, smells more aromatic, touch more sensitive and sight — well, sight was indescribable. Depth perception was strange, crossing streets and walking down stairs was a little precarious as I acclimated to what is considered 20/20 vision.

For 37 years I was blessed with perfect vision provided I wore corrective lenses. That all changed 9 years ago with two words, “macular hole.” It began…

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