* Color blindness

Color Your World: Blue Violet

Seriously?  I cannot find anything blue violet, so these will have to do.  Purple flowers, blah blah blah.  I did teach a colorblind student once and maybe it’s contagious.  With a germination period of about 15 years.  Neither that kiddo nor his parents said a word about it.  Only when we were color-coding parts of speech did I realize that he could not distinguish between red, green, and blue.  Many more years ago, we also had a colorblind friend whose job on a train was to spot the green or red light in time to tell the engineer whether the track was clear!  If he didn’t see the lights actually change, he had no idea.  I told him he should quit.  Fortunately, he lost his job for some other reason.  Yikes.

blue violet plants.JPG

* Blue violet deer candy

Ah, this is a gorgeous color to imagine, but Crayola makes a slew of purplish colors which are hard for me to distinguish.  Thankfully, Jennifer Nichole Wells placed a snippet of this color on her Color Your World post.

blue violet 1

If you look carefully, I’m sure you’ll see blue violet somewhere on this velvety pansy.  These are among my favorite flowers but since the deer love them even more than I do, these are safe in flower pots at a nearby shopping center.

blue violet 2