* On surviving the week, thankfully

My Ten Five Things of Thankful is entirely due to Lizzi, who continually inspires me with her loving heart and skillful writing.  She has been THROUGH it for the past few weeks, yet manages to see the goodness in all sorts of trials.  That’s never been easy for me, but here’s my weekly TToT.  Well, FToT, since I can only do five.  That’s better than ZToT!

  1.  My dearest widower returned safe and sound from an unexpected trip to Spain.  He spent hours at the Museo del Prado, stomping over 17,000 steps that day on his FitBit!   Perhaps that’s why he looked like this at a museum in Barcelona.                              Barcelona
  2.   Score 1 for me in my continuing battle against the neighborhood deer!  Look what is coming back to life!  All of this was eaten away last year.   I know, I know, it is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but I am a bulldog once I get a challenge.  And to mix metaphors, the deer threw down the gauntlet, not me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        grasses
  3.  I have dearest widower illness, which is a cousin to leisure sickness.  I was “fine” until my widower came home.  I managed to scrape through the week with little sleep, little time to rest, major recurring back pain, and a serious knee injury.  Now I am incapacitated, hence all my blogging.
  4.  I have only had one mosquito bite this season!  Woohoo!
  5.  It’s been terrific fun exploring the blogosphere through the A to Z Challenge.   There are about 2000+ bloggers now participating.  You wouldn’t believe the diversity of topics.  I shouldn’t be surprised but I am!   Such creativity, talent, kindness, bravery, and all manner of imagination.  Don’t you LOVE how diverse we are?  It is divine.


* Three Things Thursday

Suzi was one of the first teachers I discovered when I started blogging. She does a LOT in the blogging world and has awesome suggestions for improving your blog. She’s hilarious, organized, and her authentic sharing has been a terrific encouragement to me. I hold Suzi responsible (!) for helping me share more personally and well, helping me enjoy blogging more than ever. This post is a cool way to start sharing yourself without TMI. Enjoy!

Suzie Speaks

imageThis was an idea I originally saw on Jenny in Neverland last year, and then a similar thing appeared on Facebook a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a fun idea to try it myself…

Three names I go by:
(Of the printable, non-offensive ones…)
1. Sue (which is odd for me, as until I’d moved to Birmingham nobody ever called me that)
2. Suzie
3. Madam (the school that I often work at insists that female staff are referred to as ‘Madam,’ instead of ‘Miss.’ Even after 4 years I still find it odd.)

Three things I blog about:
1. My daily life – almost in the form of an online journal.
2. Things that amuse me.
3. Restaurants I visit.

Three places I have visited:
1. New York
2. Pompeii
3. Barcelona

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Tokyo
2. Sydney
3. Las Vegas

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* Joining Ten Things of Thankful

Strictly based on research, I should already be making daily lists of thankfulness.  Grateful people live longer and happier.  My book of faith tells me to give thanks in all things.  Lizzi at Considerings: Life in Silver Linings is the blogger who created Ten Things of Thankful, which just celebrated its 100th week.  Perfect time for me to join!


So here’s my launch:

#1.  I’m thankful for a stomach bug which has grounded me and given me time to reconnect with the blogging world.  I’ve had worse bugs, which could be #2, but…

#2.  I’m thankful for my plans to re-retire in the fall.  I have filled up every available space in my life with teaching, which has left my dearest teacher widower even more confused about his longevity as a widower.  Will he ever retire from his teaching widower status?

#3.  I’m thankful that I bought my husband a huggable bathrobe.  He was already cuddly, but now he’s a teddy bear.  I love that bathrobe so much that I bought an identical man-robe for myself.

#4. I’m grateful for all the moms and dads of special needs kids who are sharing their stories online.  We need a community of support, which leads me to…

#5.  I’m grateful for the blogging community which provides voices and listening ears to millions of people around the world.  Lizzi is one of those natural people-gatherers whose story gives others hope and whose voice gives others room to be themselves.

#6.  I’m grateful for faithful readers who encourage me that I’m not writing into thin air.  And that my blogging widower still reads my posts.

#9.  I’m thankful for the bird community in our back yard which parades the beauty of their Creator.  Did you know they sing before doing anything else in their day?

#10.  I’m thankful for the kiddos I love and teach, along with their parents.  I know I was created to teach, which will make my re-retirement an interesting season.

* Check Out Vera Komnig

Painting #364

Painting #364 Available from Saatchiart.com

Vera Komnig: story-teller through art.  Vera is a German artist who specializes in brilliant acrylic abstract paintings.  Her blog is a stunning work of art itself, on a palate she designed, filled with gloriously rich photographs of her work.  If you long to visit an art gallery but don’t have access to one, just visit her personal gallery.  One section of her well-organized blog features a picture of the month.  She has just published a gorgeous calendar for 2015, too.  And as she says “if you have everything except wall space,” check out her exquisite bonsai paintings.  They are tiny in size but not in quality.  All Vera’s art flows with color and life; although most are abstract, others have obvious subjects, including a sweet-looking dog.  The painting above is one of my favorites; doesn’t it seem alive with motion?  Not only is Vera a talented artist, she is also a sweet blogger.  She typifies the kindness of so many bloggers I’ve met on this online adventure.  Vera responds to comments and posts with humor and encouragement, and despite our very different worlds, I feel as though I have met her face to face.

In case you are wondering, her site has English translations.  She is also great at writing in English.

I hope you will enjoy her work!  Please let me know what you think!