* TToT

How little time I take to be thankful!  I’m better than I used to be, but this Ten Things of Thankful blogging challenge is good for my soul and spirit.  Here we go:

  1.  The kiddos are here, 8 of them tonight, playing on various devices and eating endlessly.  I’m grateful for their humor (“I’m just teasing, Aunt Katharine”), their enjoyment of one another, and all the Beatles’ songs we’ve heard tonight.  One niece has perfect pitch, which is truly amazing to a tone-deaf person like myself.
  2.  We are far over the year’s average of rainfall, which keeps all the plants growing so deer can snack on the yard.
  3.  The rain also brings mold, so we are FINALLY getting our house pressure washed.   The mold must be worse than I thought, because my dearest teaching widower suggested the washing.  That leads me to #4:
  4.  I call it The Dead Man Theory, as my dearest widower could step over a dead man on the kitchen floor and not notice.  The good news is that he has never once been critical of my multiple stacks of paperwork.  I have not been as generous towards his debris.
  5.  I’ve been given some awesome chocolate this week.  Ooh, pure pleasure.
  6.  We had a fabulous women’s event last night at church.  Designer desserts, candles flickering, a jazz trio humming.  Wow.
  7.  I still have more chocolate to eat!!
  8.  My foot is healing well.  It could have gone south, but that compression boot and tons of prayer did the trick.
  9.   I’ve run out of things so…
  10.  I saved the best for last.  Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am married to the best father I’ve ever met.  He is gentle, patient, wise, and unselfish.  Wait!  Another one!
  11.  Speaking of patient, my dearest widower stopped the car so I could take a photo of a most beautiful sunset.  Sadly, my iPhone doesn’t capture the gorgeous colors, but who gets tired of admiring sunsets?                                                                                                           sunset.JPG

* Blogging A-Z: C is for cake

I am scrambling out of alphabetical order here for the A-Z challenge, but look at this amazing pistachio pudding cake!  I did not make it.  A friend hosted a major family Easter event yesterday and this was one of the goodies she prepared.  Yum!

pistachio pudding cake

* Sharing my world

I always look forward to Cee’s Share Your World Challenge.  Here are this week’s questions.

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.   I swam in the Relay for Life Event several years.  One year, after signing up sponsors for a 2 mile swim, I knew I was in trouble as soon as I dipped a toe in the water.  I would guess the temperature was 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but that’s just me.  Maybe it was really 40 degrees.  I did manage to swim the 2 miles, barely able to feel my arms and legs.  It was not my finest moment in the pool.  A cluster of lifeguards kept a close eye on me as I gave new meaning to the word “crawl.”  American_Cancer_Society_Relay_For_Life_Logo

Name one thing not many people know about you.  My feet can be found on Google images under “ugliest feet in the world.”  Seriously.  I may not be in the top row of images, but I’m on that page.  No, I am not telling you which row.  No, I do not wear sandals.  No, I am not happy about any of it.  HOWEVER, my PT pointed out that she has a new perspective on foot appearance after working with amputees.  I am hoping for a change in attitude, too!

What is your favorite flower?  I love roses but I mean real roses with a sweet fragrance.  When I used to walk past neighbor’s houses with roses, I sniffed each blossom I could reach without appearing too odd (more or less).  Of course, the deer put an end to all those roses.  Some folks erected tall fencing around their rose gardens, which then looked like miniature tennis courts.  Those have also disappeared.

Things I want to have in my home (paintings, hot tubs, book cases, big screen tv, etc.)  I would take an uncluttered home.  I have made some stabs at this, but I have years to go.  I wonder if our clutter will outlive us.  When we talked about this issue with our son and his wife, they were unperturbed.  “We’ll just get it all dumped out,” was their pragmatic approach.  I guess I could leave a box of matches in each room….

Your turn!!

* TToT and A-Z: the letter D

In case you’re wondering what that odd title means, this is my Ten Things of Thankful post and I am using the letter D from the A-Z blogging challenge (yes, I have skipped C temporarily).  Be sure to check out Josie Two Shoes’ post and links to others who have posted their own Ten Things!

  1. Delightful, deer-proof flowers, waiting to replace the not-so-deer-proof stubs.sage
  2. Dearest teaching widower shoveling a place to plant the new flowers!                                      shoveling.JPG
  3. Dirt all ready!                                                                                                                                            dirt.JPG
  4. aDorable sage meadow that smells pungent and hopefully unattractive to Deer.
  5. Detritus from our neighbor’s huge sweetgum tree.  Love the tree but can live without the pods!                                                                                          detritus
  6. Don’t Break the Ice Game, perfect for Fun Friday with a special student!   Don't break the Ice
  7. Doodads in my hair for Wacky Hair Day at school this week!                                                         wacky hair day 1
  8. Delicious and nutritious snacks- yum!                                                                                               nuts 
  9. Disney movie that satisfied all the kiddos at our movie night: G Force.  And finally,
  10. DUH!  My son had to help me with Algebra 2.  Thank goodness for a math-savvy family!

* Color Your World burnt sienna

As a kid who loved to color, burnt sienna was not only an intriguing name but a great choice for creating sorrel-colored horses.  I loved the book, “The Black Stallion Challenged!” where our hero races Flame, a burnt sienna horse if there ever was one.

Here’s the closest I’ve gotten to that color.  At a Chinese restaurant.

burnt sienna.JPG

Thanks to Jennifer Nicole Wells for her Color Your World challenge!

* Chocolate in any tone…

… is yummy!  Gotta love the color beaver.  And this fudge is good for you- naturally sweetened, organic cocoa, and everything.  This is my post for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World challenge.

beaver-2 beaver-3

* Black as night

After our recent snow event, a lot of us headed to car washes to remove brine and grime.  I sat in my car, enjoying the view and relaxing after a long day.  Yeah, my life is full of adventure.  Here is my entry for black in Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color My World challenge.


* Googling aquamarine

This is my entry for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World challenge.  I nearly crashed into Google’s camera car to get these shots.  What dedication!  See that aquamarine?  I was dazzled.  It also seemed as though no one was driving, which caused me to swerve a bit more.  Does Google use autopilot?  Or is it a drone with wheels?