* Black

Color Your World: Black

If only.  If only seminars and politically correct talk and the best intentions could change hearts.  Not that intentions and hope aren’t important, but test scores and graduation rates are still racially predictable across this country.  As are incarcerations and segregated neighborhoods and white privilege.  But, on a brighter note, I still know that teachers can make a difference.  We can do our best for ALL kids.  Don’t be “colorblind!”  We can delight in the brilliant colors of all our kiddos.

black costume


* Black as night

After our recent snow event, a lot of us headed to car washes to remove brine and grime.  I sat in my car, enjoying the view and relaxing after a long day.  Yeah, my life is full of adventure.  Here is my entry for black in Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color My World challenge.