* When Harry met Chelsea by Chelsea Freund

Oh my! This is one of the sweetest, funniest, and saddest posts I’ve read in a while. The author is truly hilarious while living through enough difficulties that would slay a lesser woman. If you are a unicorn, please send her a message! You MUST read it all!

The David and Christina Show

I frequently refer to online dating as “shopping for men.” I have my list of attributes I’d like to find in a mate, and the men have their own lists. The “stores” I frequent are OKCupid and Match.

I have made a concerted effort to fill out my profiles as much as possible, including being up front about being tethered to my apartment because of this crazy rare disease. I am also constantly editing; some days I’m afraid I’m stuck too far on the side of serious, others I just want to let my freak flag fly and admit that I like to eat my food in bite-sized pieces (think M&M’s, peas, berries – all eaten one by one rather than in spoonfuls).

This past week my uncle visited me and we played a couple of rounds of cribbage and caught up on each other’s lives. He has stage IV…

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