* More on “It Jes’ Happened”

Bill TraylorIn a previous post, I reviewed “It Jes’ Happened: When Bill Traylor Started to Draw” by Don Tate.  This book is so visually engaging that I wanted to create a way for a special needs student to experiment with drawings inspired by Traylor. I can share examples of Bill Traylor’s work with my student from online exhibits.  The artwork by R. Gregory Christie in “This Jes’ Happened” is also inspirational.  My student does not have the ability to hold a crayon or paintbrush independently but can select items using eye gaze.  magnetic sheetsI used Avery’s 8 1/2  x 11 printable magnetic sheets to create parts of figures and familiar items, copied from Traylor’s use of basic rectangular and square shapes.  I also borrowed his rich use of primary colors.  Using Avery’s Design Pro (a free download), here’s a sample of the images I’ll print. By adding more shapes plus arms, legs, torsos, and heads, my student can create his family and home.  The program is simple to use and I can save my designs online or on my computer.  Avery 1

I’m excited about using Avery’s magnetic sheets for more projects!