* Working with Big Bad Autism by Cambria Jenkins 

Here is an adult perspective on growing up with autism. It think it’s helpful for us to remember that stereotypes about autism still abound. Cambria suffered from the stigma associated with “stimming.” Like her, I have found it far better to provide an adaptation of self-stimulation that works to allay stress but also lessens its impact on social relationships. Is it hypocritical to respond to social pressures that way? For the students involved, it was a pragmatic solution which helped them make friends more easily.

The David and Christina Show

Reading blog article after blog article on how autistic people who were treated with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and I myself, being older, and not subjected to it, turning out passing for neurotypical to most people, I have come to a conclusion: Applied Behavior Analysis and its cruel carrot-holding practices of reward and punishment for neurotypical behavior does not work. So many people have “amputated” themselves from their families for using ABA therapy. I’m sure many people will object to the above statements, but it will mostly be concern trolling…i.e. harrassing a person with an undesirable trait “for their own good.” (You may say it’s for their own good, but it’s mostly for your own fear and hate.) Instead of fighting and trying to minimize autism, why not work with the autism to achieve the results of functioning in this world? It will lead…

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* What’s the Point?

Here’s an interesting perspective on autism and the process of labeling. If you have self-identified as autistic as an adult, would you like to share your thoughts?

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einsteinToday I stumbled across on interview that NBC’s Brian Williams recently did with Jerry Seinfeld, where Seinfeld reveals that “on a very drawn out scale,” he thinks he is on the autism spectrum.

Because I have personal experience being a mother to children on the spectrum, I always find articles like this interesting.  Last year while I was working on a paper for school, I encountered a topic I had never thought of; that is, adults who are diagnosed with autism as an adult. My question is What’s The Point?

I’m really not trying to sound insensitive towards people like Jerry Seinfeld, or anything like that.  I really am just curious why as an adult; in particular, successful adults like Jerry Seinfeld really need to diagnois themselves with autism.

Like I’ve mentioned before, when my sons were much younger the possibility of autism would come up and I would…

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