* Long Story, Short

Long Story, Short spells d-o-o-m for my bogging posts.  This is one area where blogging and reality coincide.  I have three versions of any story (or any thought, for that matter):  one for my dearest teaching widower (his preference being 10 words or less), one that struggles to include no more than 4 tangential topics, and the Real Deal, an unscripted, spider-webbing marathon.  The latter version is best shared with family, who are forced to love you, or good friends, who then take a turn with their own Long Story, Short.

Don’t get me wrong.  Some folks can actually tell a Long Story, Short.  Our son and his wife both fall into that rare category.  I’m so glad they are forced to love me.  When I started blogging, my posts were typically 1,000+ words, paralleling my conversational “skills.”  The only people who read them were spammers, but in my naivete, I thought they were similarly challenged folks who enjoyed reading my blog.  When i clicked on their links, I ended up in boat manufacturing and cosmetics, with nary a story to be found.

The key to my success as a blogger?

No, I’m not using a picky definition of ‘success.’

* My intermission

Hiatus, pause, gap- I prefer to think of my blogging lull as an intermission.  I could blame it on end-of-school-year woes, with paperwork, meetings, and a hidden objects app.  Believe me, I’ve thought about blogging every day.  But it felt like One More Thing I Had To Do, so I didn’t.  My computer cooperated with me by stalling constantly.  Our internet has been fickle with a new router.  Plus we had delightful guests, full of love and showing off a sparkling engagement ring.

You won’t believe this, but my battle with deer is also on hiatus as we enjoy the babes who are “parked” on our property.  I need to wash our windows to improve pictures of this pair.

baby deer 2.jpg

We had another visitor who might have been concussed during a thunderstorm.  This bat showed up on our doorstep, looking more dead than alive.  He or she hung from the steps during the day and eventually rejoined the troop.  I was kinda glad about that.

I’m also glad to be blogging again!  It feels like One Thing I Want To Do.  Hurray!

* Catching up

I’m sorry that I’ve been hit or miss with my blog for awhile now.  Medical issues and work have derailed my best-laid plans.  Here are a few updates on my life.

This week, I spent quite a few hours programming Communicator 5 on a Tobii Dynavox I-12+ device.  The I-12 is a terrific stand-alone eye gaze device with a sturdy case (gorilla glass), amazing technology, and a Windows 10 operating system.  tobiidynavox-iseries-i12-1920x1080.jpg

Communicator 5 is Tobii’s intuitive program for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).  With the handy, downloadable manual, it’s a snap to set up a cool homepage with lots of links.  Granted, I still have to fix a few flaws, but I’m pleased with how user-friendly this system is.  For kids who need a voice, Communicator 5 can be a game changer.

Speaking of games, my nephew Christopher has a new game plan: “Never let Aunt Katharine catch me for a hug after church.”  He loves the idea of hugs but he adores the chase even more!  I couldn’t wait to see his latest scheme today.  I was not disappointed.  The gang came piling out of Sunday School, asking me if I knew where to find Christopher.  None of us mentioned that there was a ghost lingering behind the chairs, eyes glistening with excitement.  After I caught him, his sister got into the act.  Sister Act?  Groan….


My dearest widower took me on a date last night!  Woohoo!  We watched John Wick, Chapter 2.  Not for the faint of heart.  We had an interesting discussion at lunch with our son and his wife (happy birthday to her!) about whether John Wick portrays a parallel universe.  If so, I’m glad to be in ours!  Keanu Reeves brings gun-fu to a new level.



Image from Film Music Reporter, where you can purchase the soundtrack.

I hope you have a great week!  I’m eager to catch up on the Color Your World blogging challenge, share some math ideas, and post a review of the second book in the Nick Hall series.

* 1000 posts!


WordPress made my day!  Who knew?  It was a surprising milestone.  Women and words, right?   When I return home after hanging out with friends, my dearest widower asks facetiously, “Did you run out of words?”  He knows we didn’t.  He is also hoping I did, so that he can get on with his work at the moment.  Don’t get me wrong.  My dearest widower is a terrific listener, but he has this squeamishness about him that I’ve been trying to correct for about 47 years.  For some reason, he doesn’t like to hear school stories about vomit, mucus-related events, toileting, and lice.  Seriously?  Those are the funniest stories of ALL!  My first post was about toilets!

* It’s all About Me

Welcome to the new and improved me!  Thanks to Suzi for her inspiration!  This is my big FAT statement on what you can expect to find on my blog.  OK, since no one wants to read a 1,000 word post, here’s the short version.


Love my dearest teaching widower!


Love to worship Jesus!










Love to teach!


Love to play!


old yeller

Love dogs and love to take photos!









Love to read, HATE racism, love technology, and love exclamation points!!!   Did I say I HATE racism?




How to Create a Successful About Page

When I read Suzi’s blogging and organizational tips, it feels like January 1 again, with an opportunity to start afresh. I am still pondering her suggestions for my “About Me” page. After one year of folks reading About Me, I discovered a dreadful typo. It’s past time for an update (feels a bit like December 31). Hope you enjoy her tips! And her About page is marvelous.

Suzie Speaks

About page

When I discover a blog for the first time, it’s rare that I will look at the posts on the home page. Instead, I will usually click straight onto the About page, as this will hopefully tell me about the author and the general theme of the blog itself. If I’m pressed for time, I’ll often make a quick decision based upon what I see there as to whether I wish to delve further. They are also a place where I will go if I want to ask a blogger a question that isn’t related to any of their posts.

Today I noticed that a number of people had clicked on my About page and came to the realisation that it is in need of some serious updating, particularly as the rest of my blog has undergone a huge transformation recently, and I have gained a number of new followers.

View original post 584 more words

* How To Backup the Content On Your WordPress Blog

Hugh ALWAYS has great advice for bloggers. Check this out!

Hugh's Views & News

Many of us woke up today to see that our WordPress blogs had changed.  For me the colours of the theme I use had reverted back to their original shades and there were items missing off my menu bar.

Hugh's Workspace Blog Hop

WordPress seem to have fixed the problem now (at least my blog is now looking like it did when I last left it), but the whole experience got me thinking about backing up all the content on my blog.  Just imagine losing all your posts, comments, images, etc, etc.  What a nightmare, yes?

I recommend that everyone backs up their blog content as often as possible.  I backup the content on my blog once a week and it is very easy to perform. Here is a very quick guide on how to perform a backup for your blog.

  1. Go to your blog’s WP Admin page (this is your dashboard).
  2. Go down…

View original post 160 more words

* Stumbling along

That would be me.  Missing all blogging challenges for a couple of weeks, especially Cee’s, Nerd in the Brain’s, Jennifer Wells’, and Lizzi’s.  Major bummer.

I’m also missing my brain.

“I could while away the hours
Conferring with the flowers,
Consulting with the rain;
And my head I’d be scratching
While my thoughts are busy hatching
If I only had a brain.”  (apologies to Ray Bolger and the Wizard of Oz)

And “Where, oh where, did my energy go?  Oh where, oh where could it be?  I would search high and low if my legs they would go, oh where, oh where can it be?”  Seriously, walking to the couch has been difficult.  I’ve had a few dermatology procedures this summer which sidelined me, but the kidney infection (followed by a colonoscopy) has flattened me to the ground.  My kiddos are in mourning.  “Why is Mrs. Everson/ Aunt Katharine always sick?”  But thank you, faithful readers, for continuing to rummage through my virtual bookshelves!   And continuing to follow me, which means you are at a virtual standstill.


My dearest kidney infection widower is stuffing food in me at every opportunity, bringing tea and chocolate and comfort.  Yes, he says I will be able to think again.  He assures me my energy will return.  I AM improving but it’s s-l-o-w.  Maddeningly slow.

After living “brain free” for a couple of weeks, I decided to address my feeble-mindedness.  I rejoined Lumosity’s ranks last week after a two year hiatus.  I LOVE Lumosity and it’s better than ever.  (I wish I were!)  More games, nicely personalized, and costs less, too.  Sadly, they kept all my old scores on games I used to rock, like Word Bubbles Rising.  Would you believe 4,000 points under my highest scores?  I am now hitting 6-digit figures again, but my fingers are leaden, along with my brain cells.

In case you are wondering, this is not complaining.  Once is simply sharing, reblogging would be griping.   I’m stumbling, not grumbling.   I could deflate this entire post with “I know I have it better than most of the world,” but no, being flattened to the ground is not my ideal state.

* Where is Teachezwell?

I’ve been sick and am slowly on the mend.  I ran out of scheduled posts and haven’t had the energy to start my computer, much less read all the terrific blogs out there.  My dearest widower has been supportive as always, once he got on steroids and off crutches.  We are quite a pair!

IMG_2956 (1)

* Thanks to Someone

, namely James O’Neil, has been nominated for the Liebster Award.  His blog features interesting memories of the past, all spiced with a wry sense of humor.  Originally from Chicago, he shares traditions, escapades, and his strong opinions.  As someone with equally strong opinions, I appreciate his writing and experiences.  I can tell that he enjoys good cooking, too.  James has nominated me for the Liebster Award, and although I have already gone through that process, being nominated is a terrific way to share blogs I enjoy reading.  It’s lovely to write a blog that someone enjoys!

Here are the Liebster rules:

If nominated for the award, and accept, write a blog post about the award in which you were nominated.  Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog. THANK YOU, JAMES!  Display the award on your blog.  Answer 11 questions asked by the nominator.  Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.  Create 11 new questions for the nominee.  List these rules on your post so others know what is expected (TOMORROW!). 

Here are some of my favorite bloggers, excluding those who are “award free.”  Some of my faves are bloggers who’ve been there, done that.  And my nominees are free to graciously decline the award.

1. One of my favorite special ed blogs is Group by Group.  This blog features a team of specialists who create the coolest theme-based activities and generously share their books.  Want to know if they are successful?  Just look at the kids’ faces.

2.  Faraday’s Candle is a science-based blog written by two sisters, one in middle school and the other an elementary student.  They LOVE science and explore all kinds of interesting topics.  Want to know what those bumps on your tongue really do?  Check them out!

3.  A blogger who features others’ writing AND has hosts his own radio show is David Snape and Friends.  David shares his early struggles with autism, the isolation and academic difficulties, but has certainly found his way.  His blog is a treasure chest of jewels written by others (and sometimes by him).

4.  Staycation Atlanta is written by a sweet lady who shares her explorations of Atlanta, along with photos of THE most adorable dog.  Those eyes!  It’s amazing how much ground Jan covers in her blog.  And yummy food!

5.  Chrissie, of Vamp It Up Manchester, would be SO much fun to spend time with!  She’s a self-described “urban geek,” and her eclectic posts feature food, fashion, organization, and cool STUFF.  She’s is a clever and frugal shopper.  My inspiration.

I will post the questions tomorrow.  This post is already over 400 words.  Yikes!