* Bunches of new life

What a season of new life! My dearest teaching widower (DTW) and I are enjoying our new role as grandparents, my vision has been transformed with ‘bionic’ lenses, and blackberry bushes are promising a lush harvest. I’m blogging this as my Ten Things of Thankful post; be sure to check out the other folks’ posts, too.

This photo is FULL of a bunch of thankful things, from the sweetest man in the world to the dear family who gave me this tee shirt. Plus, I am now close to perfect, as you can see.
Baby is so much fun! She grows and changes daily. So much thankfulness in one sweet bundle!

For my third bunch of thankful, I can now see the world around me, except up close, like I did as a kid. Wow. Who knew that cataract surgery would change my world in such a delightful way? The colors, depth of perception, clarity- just stunning. Thanks, Alcon, for my amazing lenses!

Thanks for stopping by!

9 thoughts on “* Bunches of new life

  1. I’m happy for you and all of these wonderful changes. Your grandchild is adorably sweet. What a precious gift! While all of the senses are important, I think we rely on the sense of vision more than any (hearing being a close second). It must be a remarkable feeling to regain what you once had. Of course, I love the T-shirt! Great photo of you and the DTW.

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    • Thanks so much! When the ophthalmologist mentioned how some people are very ‘visual,’ I knew that was me. I’m sure it’s a part of teaching. Now if I could only regain my sense of smell. Nasty Covid germs….

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  2. Hey! Good to ‘see’ you*
    Sounds like one of the best of grats… to have such a fundamental aspect of life restored, to have better vision
    very cool

    have a good week ahead

    * ha ha

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