* My world of thankfulness

It’s been FOREVER since I blogged and I have a lot to share! Here’s my post for Ten Things of Thankful.

My dearest teaching widower (DTW) and I are now grandparents. Our son and his wife are amazing parents already! The Babe is adorable as well as a great hand-and-arm warmer as we trek through the end of winter. Poor DTW may be renamed Dearest Grandchild Widower since I rarely give him a chance to hold her. I’m sure all of this counts as a bunch of thankful!

I’m always thankful for my family, our church family, the wonderful families I serve, and the sweetest students and former students in the world! I think that’s more than ten things of thankful!

15 thoughts on “* My world of thankfulness

  1. Oh, my! What a blessing! You look like a natural, Katharine! I’m so looking forward to having this moment in my life. I don’t say anything to our son as he already chooses not to tell us anything about his love life. (We seem to find out about the girls after he breaks up).🤣No use telling those pesky parents too much. I don’t stress about it, but I figure it will happen at some point when he meets the right woman.

    As far as the DTW, give the poor guy a turn. I’m sure he’ll be happy whatever his moniker is though I like DTW.

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    • Hahaha! Your son sounds like ours. Maybe it’s a guy thing…. We were very careful not to pressure him and his wife about children and were genuinely fine either way. I think this way is going to be more fun, though! My DTW is so sweet, no matter what!

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  2. Congratulations on the grandbaby! I would hold newborn babies all. day. long. and would turn pro if I could. I know I held my son for the first 4 months of his life, since I had to go back to work and wanted to soak it in every moment I could! Thanks for joining us this week at the TToT!

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