* Still loving Classkick

Apart from its name, I love Classkick! It’s a really cool app for creating awesome and individualized assignments, monitoring student progress, and communicating effectively while students work. Whoever put this together had a marvelous time anticipating what teachers would need to be effective. Here are some screenshots and explanations of Classkick’s usefulness:

The activity below is uniquely suited for a student with adequate typing skills, poor handwriting, and a need for hands-on activities. You can make any image movable, which allows for flexibility in responses. Text boxes do not edit spelling, so you can easily spot patterns of errors.

You can quickly adapt worksheets or create your own for use on Classkick. I often use PDFs from Education.com for math assignments.

For evaluation purposes and feedback on assignments, you can create tailor-made ‘puzzles’ of interest by hiding responses under any sections of an image (this one is from Roblox). Students search for the hidden phrases and decide which ones will describe their experience.

Classkick also allows simple creation of links. I can direct students to a specific activity, like this one at Math Playground, with required information for logging in. I will also preview skills (in this case, using a number line to depict negative integers).

Evaluating a session is so easy! Students click and drag.

I am still learning new tricks and techniques for improving my Classkick activities. Let me know if you want me to share some of these with you! I do wish the app had a different name….

4 thoughts on “* Still loving Classkick

  1. I like the look of the program. Since I’m out of the loop now, I’m not sure what programs they used at my former school.

    COVID cases are on the uptick in our area, and a lot of teachers are expressing their angst. Two high schools in the county just declared their plans yesterday. One is starting with only in school attendance and the other is starting the year with only distance learning.

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    • It looks like we are doing all virtual to start off. There’s a lot of concern among parents that their kids won’t really be educated but everyone is worried about the virus. We are at our highest number of deaths and cases today.


      • I’m sorry to hear that. My concern all along is that this doesn’t turn into a teachers vs. parents situation. As you well know, it’s much better when the parents are working in conjunction with the teacher.

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