* TToT for a million dollars

It’s been eons since I last posted; I hope all of you are well and making it through these tough times! My next-to-oldest great-nephew keeps asking me what I would do for a million bucks. I do remember those days when it seemed like the most spectacular thing ever to get $1,000,000. Or to get ‘all the money in the world.’ Now I know what true riches are, so I will share my Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) blogging challenge with you out of a truly grateful heart.

#1 I am thankful for my dearest teaching widower (DTW). He continues his treatment for cancer and is such a warrior. I thought this nightmarish ‘cure’ might cause him to stumble, to become impatient, to change who he is. But he is still the loving-est DTW in the world. That counts for about 5 TToTs. Or about $1,000,000.

#2 I am thankful for our dearest son and his most precious wife. Matthew has endured much with a 5-year-long health struggle, going from triathlete to incapacitated to nearly incapacitated. And he has started a blog (please check it out!)! While his chronology of the illness is heart wrenching, it’s also filled with faith that comes from trusting in the Lord through desperate times. I’d say this special couple are worth at least $1,000,000.

#3, #4, #5 Special families and kids, Cadbury chocolate, and vegan chocolate cakes still rank high on my list! Although I haven’t hiked outside since summer weather took root, I’ve savored the photos I took. Cee‘s awesome photographic influence is easily worth a cool mil. (Be sure to check out her blog, too!). I’ve never met a plant I didn’t want to photograph!

#6 Of course, the kiddos keep us on our toes and give God plenty of issues in my heart to work on, with impatience being at the top of my list. But who wouldn’t enjoy being asked if I would wear a KKK robe for a million dollars? That question is followed by shrieks of glee: I should want to be in the Kool Kids Klub. Yikes. Glad we are quarantined or they’d be stoned!

#7 Tea is right up there with chocolate. Tetley’s is my fave. The caffeine kinda makes up for my lack of sleep. Sorta. Perhaps. Not so much.

#8 Now that I have cracked through the Blogging Barrier Reef, I am excited to catch up on others’ blogs! Yay! (I really don’t like that spelling but my use of yea always gets misread as yeah, so meh….)

#9 I love to watch the birds who visit our feeders and bath. A robin just finished a thorough soaking and sat fluffed up on the edge, drying off. So sweet. OK, not so fascinating to everyone. The hawks? They love it. Totally grateful. Yum yum.

#10 Last but not least are you, my dearest readers, who continue to follow this blog. I’m grateful!

12 thoughts on “* TToT for a million dollars

  1. I always perk up when I see one of your uplifting posts, Katharine. I think you may have to adjust your asking rates due to inflation.šŸ¤£ #1 and #2 are the best! I’m heading over to sign up for your son’s blog right now. I’m so glad to hear that you’re DTW is still the same positive person.

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  2. lol on Number 10. (total visual of one or other Warner Brothers cartoon from my more formative years.)

    Good things to have (on your list) even if the current situation/context is less than positive

    There was a show when I was very young, came on weekday afternoons before ‘The Edge of Night’. It was called ‘The Millionaire’ and the protagonist, Michael Anthony, would present some, assumedly deserving person with a check for…. one millionaire dollars. Of course, this was, like late 50s early 60s so it was a lot of money.

    Damn! The things that stick in the mind… I really hope the twenty-seven different passwords I rely on get the same treatment in my tired brain.

    Good to ‘see you’ again.

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  3. You are right: true riches have nothing to do with money. I hope your son and DTW can find strength and a return to health. Thanks for linking up again this week! šŸ™‚

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  4. AWW!! What a wonderful post and #1 and #2 are awfully special. I checked out your son’s blog and prayers to him šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™ and I do love your posts and hope and pray all will heal and get better and healthier!! I also always LOVE the photos!! ā¤ļøšŸŒ»šŸŒ¹šŸ€ā¤ļø ~Diana

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