* Fear of blogging?

Sometimes I hate to blog. I know folks have written comments for me to read and I know those comments are sitting idly on a runway to nowhere. I know I have neglected all those blogs taking flight to other worlds, with their photos and stories to enjoy. If only I could take off and fly this thing!

It has occurred to me that I’m paralyzed by fear of blogging- and worse. Here are some symptoms:

  • If I read too many of Pete Springer‘s awesome posts (like, just one), I immediately stop blogging.
  • I once paid a slightly desperate blogger for 5 re-posts of anything, but that was four years ago. I have yet to write a post worth re-blogging. And yes, I still ask a different, not desperate blogger, Suzi Speaks, to help me! She has righted the craft many times.
  • I never ever reread any of my posts unless under duress, such as when I’m quoted and then flabbergasted that I wrote such a nonsensical thought. I accidentally read what I posted today (Sunday) and immediately saw a typo, thereby reinforcing my desire to avoid rereading.

What’s worse than fear of blogging? What’s really at the core of my phobia? Foolish comparison with others. What other charming passenger lurks in the tail of my plane? Fear of what others think. And wait for it- there is yet another creepy item in the cargo hold. Perfectionism (which is a nicer name for pride).

I think it’s time for an oxygen mask to fall out of the ceiling. And I have almost exhausted my airplane analogies. You’re welcome.

As this post plummets out of control (gotcha!), let me tell you what the black box says: She tried writing quickly to keep perfectionism from stalling the craft. Too late. She veered off with a draft, which merely joined trillions of other drafts waiting to be deleted. Then she started chatting about Vesna Vulović, who fell 33,000 feet from an airplane and survived. Major ouch and nothing a sane person would desire! Finally, she thought about her dearest teaching widower, who would have had to listen to all these ramblings if she hadn’t written them down. He cannot tolerate any more phonics talk at the dinner table.

Well then….

Because I love him and I love all things education, especially the kiddos and their fams, I’m in. For at least this week.

4 thoughts on “* Fear of blogging?

  1. Oh man, you have hit a home run with this post, Katharine! It is so insightful and full of wisdom. I don’t seem to have that fear when it comes to writing a blog post, but I do when it comes to bringing a chapter of a book I’m working on to share with my writing group. (That thought alone makes your post worthwhile because I think I might write a future blog post about it.)

    I’m going through this right now with some beta readers. I didn’t know they were beta readers—I just thought they were some of my friends who might actually give a damn and read my story. Oooh, some of their critiques can be stinging, and yet, some of their criticism is right on the money. My writer’s group hasn’t met in three months because of the virus, and I needed their honesty to get me going because I’ve been stuck in the mud lately.

    The bottom line is anytime we write and share our thoughts, we are exposing ourselves to others. No, I don’t mean changing my underwear!😎 It takes a certain amount of courage to put it all out there and makes us the most vulnerable. What if they don’t like it? What if it’s not that good? We can all relate to that fear.

    I commend you for leaping off that diving board one more time. Your post connected with me, and I’m sure with others. That means it was worth it!

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    • You are too sweet, Pete. Hey, it would be fun to write greeting cards for you. While I’m laughing, thanks for keeping your undies on!

      I really appreciate your encouragement. Not that writing a blog is a major accomplishment, but it is my desire to write effectively and cogently. I’ve felt much better and freer for laying my flaws open. Jim Borden had a great quote for me about how comparison sucks out joy. So true!

      I’m thrilled for you that you have beta readers and are winnowing your efforts. That means your book will be available sooner and I can’t wait!

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