* Weekend coffee share for tea drinkers

Hola! Hello! I have not felt like blogging much lately, as you may have noticed. Sometimes I feel so excited about blogging and at other times, I shrug it off like a wet coat. I’m in a tea-drinking-chocolate-eating mode right now, so I’m joining the weekend coffee share hosted by Eclectic Alli. She’s in the field of library science, which looked to be a dinosaur at one point. But it’s reemerging through technology and that kind of degree can now open more than library doors.

The point of this blog is to share what’s been going on in my life, so here’s a glance.

I was looking worse than this in many ways, but fortunately, hair salons opened Friday at 5! I was first in line.

The honeysuckle and privet hedges around here have been blossoming, their fragrances assuring me I don’t have the virus. Sadly, spring has started drowning in early summer heat and humidity. Speaking of drowning, I’d love to go swimming instead of walking, even with a hole in my head ear, but who knows when indoor pools will reopen? I do know that my knees can’t take much more walking.

On the topic of “can’t take much more,” how will students and families and school districts solve the conundrum of back-to-school in the fall? From an equity standpoint, we already poorly navigate educational waters with students of color and families in poverty. How much more have we curtailed their prospects now that learning is remote? What good is a Chromebook if there is no connectivity? That begs the question of how well students work in small quarters with larger families whose parents are unemployed or working long hours out of the home.

In my neighborhood, we had teddy bears in windows so that kids on walks with their parents could wave. Just saying.

My dearest teaching widower has a week of radiation under his belt. He’s still as sweet as ever. My great nephew is continuously looking for ways to help around the house. They watch tear-jerker movies together and I join them to watch action flicks. They drink coffee and I drink Tetley’s English blend. We all eat chocolate.

Thanks for joining me!

21 thoughts on “* Weekend coffee share for tea drinkers

  1. Good to hear from you and I have weeks like this where I’m just not able to get my blog post put together. Sometimes it’s like you said, I just don’t feel like writing. Mostly I’m excited to share as I feel like if it’s not rewarding to me than it’s not worth writing. 😀 I try hard to read others, some days it’s difficult to keep up with everyone!! I enjoyed visiting with you today! ❤️

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  2. Good to see you entering the fray again, Katharine. It’s healthy to step away from blogging for a bit. (This wisdom coming from the guy who’s only been blogging a little over a year.🤣) Coffee, tea, and chocolate? Yes, yes, and yes! Early into the pandemic, I decided to shave my head and grow a beard, so maybe I won’t be seeing any hair salons for a bit. Good luck to your DTW as he continues his radiation treatments. I think it’s sweet that your great-nephew is looking for ways to help out around the house. Watching tear-jerker movies with anyone is a major act of sacrifice. 😎

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  3. Oh how we miss coming to your house!! Robin B. sends her hugs to you as well. She is moving to Florida and has such fond memories of potluck and movie nights. We are keeping Mark in our prayers.

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  4. Hi TeaZ, and I’ll apologize right up front for arbitrarily hanging on moniker on you like this. I like to address people by name but I can’t find yours. I try to be respectful enough to assume if it’s not readily available then you prefer not to share it, but then what to I do? I grab something based on the blog name and hope that I don’t offend or annoy. You don’t sound easily stricken by either, so I’ll stick with it until you direct otherwise.

    I agree – it really is time to get back to normal life where small things like going swimming are not such a risk. I hope we get there sooner than say, this afternoon.

    I also think that sharing blog stories are a great and safe way to burn off some of our SIP time. I am a biased opinion though but I really think I have some stories that are just shy of chocolate for satisfaction.

    Without apology, I offer for your laughing pleasure:

    As a teacher you might well get a kick out of how I ran my exams when I taught for UC Berkeley Extension many years ago:

    Or how I learned how to NOT disrespect even a bad instructor:

    Did I tell you earlier that all my stories are 10 minutes or less to read?
    Do I need to remind you that a good laugh is arguably great aerobic exercise, almost as good as swimming?

    Anyway, I hope you and your family have a great long weekend.

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    • Hey, Gary! I’m Katharine but TeaZ is also terrific! I am just signing out of blogging for a while but will come back and read your links. THANK you for sharing them! You are so naturally funny, no insult intended, and I can’t wait!


  5. First dropping by for a visit gave me a strange dejavu as the theme on your blog used to be my original theme, and although my current is different I the colour scheme is inspired by the chalkboard theme.

    As for blogging yep, you are right about there being days when itsjust out of there and other days when there’s not enough hours in the day to write but glad to have run into you.. good luck with everything

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  6. It was nice reading about your week and your part of the world. Here in Mumbai, the parlors opened too and I was one of the first few to venture out. I kind of looked worse than the picture you’ve posted 🙂 I took part in the weekend coffee share too only because I had no idea what to blog about. So could totally relate to this post.

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