* Recovery

My dearest teaching widower (DTW) has come out of surgery and is in recovery. This is just the start of our new adventure with cancer. We have many dear ones praying for us!!

This hospital is SO empty! They have us in the ICU area which makes me especially glad we’re not in NYC. The closest tv is all about the virus and I’m sitting with a bunch of other masked women waiting for their DTW’s. Women are hardy stock, right?

I’m grateful that I’ve been asked many times how we’re doing. In fact, that was the first thing I asked my DTW after the diagnosis. He said, “It is what it is. God has always been faithful to us and always will be.”

Our Father never changes. He’s been with us in all our adventures. He hears every cry, sees every tear, and holds us close at every moment. This is no different.

19 thoughts on “* Recovery

  1. Wow. I feel for you both when surgery is the beginning of your journey, but at the same time, it’s such a relief that they can do something and are taking positive steps, even during this terrible moment in time with the Coronavirus. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago, and finding your message reminds me that I need to give her another call. Don’t want to be a pest. It seems they caught hers early and I haven’t heard about any plans for surgery yet. I am concerned about her going through cancer treatment during this time, which must be a concern for you as well but you’ve been dealt a hand and you need to play the card you’ve got. I liked what you both said about God’s role in all of this. Not hat he’s automatically going to lift this cup ut of your hands, but that he’ll be there for you and comfort you. Quite a few people at church turned to Psalm 91 at he start of the Coronacrisis. I have a few questions, not doubts, but see the contradictions in this. However, since hearing that Psalm which for me was the first time, I do know that God doesn’t leave his feathers drifting and floating in the wind. He picks them up and puts them in his nest just like the shepherd and the lost sheep. So I’ll be praying for you and look forward to your updates.
    Love & God Bless,

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    • Thank you, Rowena! I really appreciate your encouragement. He’s doing well and we are also praying for the treatment ahead. My questions for God center around what he wants to do in me during this time, both related to my husband and the virus. I know that he works all things together for good for those who love him, so I’m confident of that. And what happens to us here is the worst it will ever get for those of us in his hands. I look forward to knowing him more deeply. Psalm 91 has long been special to me. Love being sheltered under his wing!
      Thanks again for your kind words and I’ll keep you posted.

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      • From my experience of going through these times in the past, it’s best to try to keep life as normal as possible and try to keep the engines running. I had chemo about 7 years ago to treat my auto-immune disease. I didn’t lose my hair but it completely destroyed my sense of time for about a year or two afterwards, which might have been a weakness beforehand anyway. I’ve had to start over many times and thenit starts with the basics. I have a pad of weekly schedules I bought from kiki K and I use those when I have major changes in my life. I started using it again last week when school went back and the kids are doing school from home, which is a huge change. All my activities have been cancelled, which left me with a blank sheet aside from Church this morning and life group Friday night. My sleep is currently very out out of whack and so that’s what I’m working on. So, I’m going to add meal times to the schedule. I tend to use meal times as anchor points during the day, even though I don’t really have lunch and tend to graze. You can see have a lot of trouble with structure and time, but this helps and when you have major disruptions like cancer and the coronavirus, especially at the same time, that very basic thinking can help.
        A friend o ours who is an elderly pastor and missionary, was admitted to hospital for major heart surgery and he was so busy in there reaching out to people. I timidly walked into the ward asking for him, but everyone knew who Trevor was and we had a truly amazing visit that touched each of us in a very profound way.
        Anyway, I’m prayin for you and sending my love,

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      • Thanks for your insights and tips, Rowena. I have been MIA as usual. I seem to have a love-hate relationship with blogging. But right now I’m feeling the love and really appreciate your prayers. I would love to meet Trevor! He sounds fabulous.

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      • Trevor is amazing and so humble and Godly. Actually, I’m going to get in touch with him myself because our son’s been asking a lot of deep theological and existential questions. I think his Dad and I have done a good job even though we were sweating it. I figured this kid came from us and we’ve both had questioning minds. However, I was trying to think about what Trevor would say. I was trying to absorb and pass on all the wisdom I’ve come across. However, we’re only human.
        How is your husband going? I hope he is doing alright.
        Take care & best wishes,

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      • I’m with you on trying to provide the best possible foundation for life, which is rooted in real truth. Then you wonder if you got it right!
        Mark is doing well, He’s such a trooper! Thanks for asking.

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      • I had a wonderful chat with Trevor this afternoon. He is so perceptive and I very much see him as a holy man. He talked me me about showing our son how much God loves us and he spoke to me about what adoption meant to the Roman’s and how comprehensive that was. It sounded amazing and really brought home how special we are to him. Trevor also asks a lot of questions, which I like. You can see he’s genuinely interested in people and the individual . Everyone matters to him. I really appreciate that.

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