* COVID-19 faith (#4)

I’m SO grateful that Jesus picked me up as I crashed on the dead end road of my life in 1988. I was shattered and not looking for him, that’s for sure. In fact, I mocked people who loved him. As we face the unknowns of the coronavirus and economy, I am grateful that God hunted me down, hounded me.

My DTW has developed a serious health issue and will need surgery in a couple of weeks, and we are still trusting God and his faithfulness to us. We know we’re not here permanently and we eagerly await seeing Jesus face-to-face. Sometimes I ask him to beam me up, but I know I cannot lengthen or shorten my life. Every day has been written by him.

So what are we doing? Praying and trusting God. Plus, my dearest teaching widower and I have been binge-watching Containment, a 2016 series we’d never heard of. The show is about a deadly engineered virus; we’re only halfway through so I can’t spoil anything. It only has one season, so we might be in the minority of folks watching. They use the expression, “social distance,” which I thought was unique to 2020. Not many people in 2016 knew so much about the structure of coronaviruses, what PPE stands for, and what N95 has to do with masks. Oh yeah, I never knew that toilet paper would be such a commodity.

Stay safe!

6 thoughts on “* COVID-19 faith (#4)

  1. Thank you for popping round to my blog and it’s gunny how we’ve taken such similar photos of our shadows. That’s my lot having an SLR for photography and I don’t usually use my phone. My phone has also been lost for quite a few weeks, most likely at home (long story).
    I hope your DTW stays well while waiting for his surgery and pray that God will put him inside a protective bubble to keep him safe from the virus and your entire family. My friend’s husband is having heart surgery in a few weeks and they’re also deeply concerned.
    I don’t know about the news coverage there, but they’re giving very little coverage on the impact on people who are ill and very much threatened by the virus. Atm they’re almost exclusively focusing on the economic impact . I mean so many people have lost their jobs. It’s staggering. However, I feel we are an invisble part of this pandemic and the most impacted by it really.
    We’re used to living with my life being precarious to a large extent but having this on top of the usual level of stress is terrifying at times and quite overwhelming. It’s been a battle just to get dinner on the table for the family in terms of the supermarket, but then cooking on top when I usually have support workers to ease the load is there as well. Our kids look like they’re doing school from home for the next two weeks. They’re 16 and 14 and I don’t know how this is going to work, particularly for the 16 year old. He loves computer games. So much for all of us to think about, millions of us all around the world. It makes me just want to go to sleep for six months and wake up hopefully to find the crisis is over. I wonder what I would find…
    Best wishes & God bless,

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    • Thanks for taking the time to share your life. I go up and down with the anxiety. When I’m up, I pray and remember that God is always with me. When I’m low on anxiety, I wonder if I’m just stuffing my emotions. Overall, I’m trusting Him and waiting. I’ve also thought about a good 6 month nap. It’s freaky to see what’s happening in NYC. They have more cases than some countries. I forget how densely populated NY is.
      I can understand your situation with your teens. This is a real struggle for that age. So many internet options that can be quite addictive. It’s one thing for an older brain (like mine) to resist the addictive qualities but for a brain still forming? And teens feel things more intensely.
      I hope you can get them to help you in the kitchen! We have our 18 year old great-nephew coming to live with us this Saturday. Yikes. He just can’t live with his father anymore. Tough situation. Our schools have been closed for a couple of weeks and the latest is that they reopen on May 15. I don’t think they’ll reopen even then. This is much worse than we realized. Economically, it’s massive, like you said. I’ve seen and read a number of anecdotal stories about getting the virus and it sounds tough on many folks. The breathing part is the worst, I think. But then, others report very mild, flu-like symptoms which are cruddy but do disappear. I think it depends on your immune system. Mine is in the tank and I’m off to the post office and grocery store. Food has run out in our house. Thanks again for chatting and may God bless you all with health and peace. ❤️

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      • Great to hear from you and I hope things go okay with your Great nephew coming to stay with you. It’s great of you to take him in and I hope he starts to settle down and get on track.
        This virus is forcing all sorts of people and families to self-isolate together and for strained relationship or just everyday ordinary family interactions, that could be very trying and too much for many. We’re lucky we can spread out a bit in our house and the beach is just down the road and it doesn’t get very populated. I had no trouble going for a walk without connecting with anyone. It felt quite strange because I’m quite an extrovert and we usually say hello walking past, especially with the dog walkers. Instead, I was like a social phobe does there with a anaphylactic reaction to people. So strange.
        The number of infections for New York is very high and such a concern, but the population there is also very high. Outback country towns are currently very appealing.
        Take care and keep me posted.
        Best wishes,

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