* COVID-19 hunkering (#3)

What a difference a week makes! This is Day 6 of the president’s 15 stay-at-home protocol. I’ve been walking through neighborhoods, moving aside as many families hike the trails near our house.

The majority of folks are careful about keeping their distance, but I was unhappy to see a very small playground full of about 20 kiddos and parents. Yes, it was nice to hear laughter but even if those folks have no symptoms, they can be shedding the virus. Since most folks are fine if they contract this coronavirus, I’m not so much worried about them as I am the increasing spread of this virus.

Many folks are supporting our community of workers and small businesses who are greatly affected by the shut-downs and restrictions. One local business that has brought thousands of laughs and songs to our community is Balloons And Tunes. When we first moved to North Carolina, I was delighted when they showed up to celebrate special occasions. I’ve used them multiple times for math manipulatives, such as collections of miniature pigs and globes. Since no one is celebrating widely right now, a member of one neighborhood purchased balloons for EVERY house! What a delight to walk through a neighborhood festooned with balloons!

Stay safe!

10 thoughts on “* COVID-19 hunkering (#3)

  1. I am baffled by the behavior of some during this pandemic. The majority of folks understand the seriousness of the situation, but the fact that others purposefully congregate is hard to comprehend. I’m already going stir crazy as I’m a people person who likes to be out and about, interacting with others. On the other hand, we all need to be responsible. I don’t know why our national government is taking so long to make it mandatory to stay home. Our schools are all closed, and a stay-at-home order has been in place here in California for a few days. When I do have to run out for something, there are a lot fewer people around and about. Good luck to you and your dearest teaching widower.

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    • Thanks, Pete. I cannot imagine being in California right now. We have such a smaller population in NC, so our numbers are pretty low, comparatively. And poor NYC! What a disaster. And part of their problem is the baffling behavior of some folks who continue to mingle freely. I imagine extroverts are much more impacted by any self-isolation!


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