* I’m HOW old???

When I was four years old, I thought 14 was so OLD! I adored a neighboring teen who was kind enough to teach me how to wash dishes. That might not seem very special, and I prefer the dishwasher today, but she was patient and sweet to me, something I didn’t experience at home.

I always loved my ‘old’ teachers. One day, I was talking about how old my third grade teacher looked. I remarked that her skin was so browned and lined because of all the kids who had been talking to her; I assumed their ‘hot air’ burned her face. (My face burned when my mother repeated that anecdote to her!)

As I approached my 30th birthday, I struggled through each day. Seriously depressed, I had this belief that I would die at 30. I certainly tried to make that a reality. But my dearest teaching widower was patient, loving, and praying for me, and at 38, I met Jesus and was set free from depression. My life was forever changed, as was my view of aging.

A couple of years ago, my extremely talented sister and brother-in-law surprised me with a birthday cake. And there I was, a youngster on top of it, with real icing on my face!

Today I am 70 years old! I still think I’m relatively young, perhaps just past middle age?

12 thoughts on “* I’m HOW old???

  1. Age is a funny concept. For years, we long to be older, knowing that with age comes certain privileges. At some point, the script flips, and we long to be young again. I’m at the age now, where I sometimes have to do a math problem to remember how old I am. 😎

    I’m sure the neighboring teen you refer to was a nice kid, but I can’t help having images of Tom Sawyer. “Alright, I’ll show you how to wash dishes this one time, but I couldn’t possibly let you do them because it’s so fun!” 🤣

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    • You are so perceptive. I love your description of how we view age. You are a natural writer. Wow.

      And I had to laugh at your Tom Sawyer comparison. I wonder what she thought of it. I was such a chatterbox that she was probably ready to let me launch on our dishes! I also started doing an ‘older’ (haha) woman’s dishes, too. Were they in cahoots???


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