* The Sunshine State (4)

After such a terrific time with relatives in Florida, it was hard to leave. I walked the Orlando airport to get my fitbit steps, exposing myself to folks hacking and sneezing into their hands. Yikes, folks. Use your arm!

I did see a coterie of stunning women, all in a line, heading for service as flight attendants. If my dearest teaching widower had not been working on his paper, seated in a galaxy far away, he’d have told me to put my phone down. But I couldn’t resist.

On the flight home, a passenger next to us coughed into the air unceasingly. Our front yard was filled with dozens of flags and spray paint, like someone planned to excavate every buried pipe and cable. Our house ‘smart thermostats’ had reverted to 49 degrees, which was a real shock to our systems (and I got very grumpy). I caught a nasty bug and was bedridden. When I graduated to the couch, I tripped over my computer cord and fell really hard, smashing a dish and landing on two body parts that had already survived surgery: my knee and shoulder.

BUT, the trip was fabulous and we can’t wait to return!

4 thoughts on “* The Sunshine State (4)

  1. I hate to say it, but maybe Florida is where you two should retire. Plenty of sunshine, ocean views, and warm winters. Plus, it could be a place for your NC friends to visit….:-)

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  2. I just volunteered at school last week and witnessed plenty of kids who decide they want a hug (I’m a hugger) after they sneeze into their hands.😜 I’ve only been sick once since I retired in the last three years. I can only attribute that to not living in a germ factory anymore and not having all of the associated stresses that come along with teaching. I loved it, and I miss it, but I’m much healthier these days.

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    • You sure are healthier! Once in three years???? It is hard to know what to do when someone sneezes or coughs into their hand and then tries to shake yours. I guess I’d prefer a hug, in that case. I seem to have a pitiful immune system, no matter how many supplements I take. I think the airport and plane were like germ factories, though. School -yes, always.

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