* The Sunshine State (3)

My dearest teaching widower (DTW) and I were really spoiled on our Florida trip. Our Sunshine relatives made this such a memorable time.

The Sun Rail was a delight! A three-story light rail with great views and touristy places to visit. It’s too bad that our local (North Carolina) light rail plan was such a dud. The GoTriangle organization spent $190 million and still needed $237 million plus a change of heart from Duke University/Carolina Railroad. The project was abandoned last May. Ah, well.

It only cost $3 for us to ride. I refuse to say whether my DTW and I paid the senior fares.

4 thoughts on “* The Sunshine State (3)

      • There’s quite a few of us running around who feel the same way. My mom went back to college after her kids were grown. (I’m the youngest.) She must have insisted that we take pictures because she was graduating from college the same year I was graduating from high school. As I matured, I understood why she had so much pride in that event. Unfortunately, I had the role of “annoyed teenager” down too well at that point. I look back now, and I’m embarrassed by my sullen look.

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      • Wow. Good for her! And I’m sorry that you weren’t able to celebrate the way you would now. I think we all have many of those moments we’d like to change. Thanks, as always, for sharing (and reading!). Hope your book is doing well.


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