* The Sunshine State (1)

My dearest teaching widower (DTW) and I just took a trip to Florida, where the sun is brighter and the traffic lights self-propagate. Of course, I ignored the laughter and took photos. Everything in Florida is worth photographing.

We visited relatives whom we have designated as our ‘go-to’ family during the zombie apocalypse. We would be safe here, unless I accidentally shot my DTW. I did accidentally shoot the chain holding the target in place. Quite a fancy bit of accuracy!

Did you know there are alligators about 50 feet away from me? Hiding and biding their time…. And no, I am not a boy! It’s just the angle.


6 thoughts on “* The Sunshine State (1)

  1. I haven’t been to Florida since I was a kid. One of my clearest memories was that there were admissions to see alligator wrestling shows. I’m not referring to alligator vs. alligator; this was man vs. alligator. Even though I was just a kid, I can remember thinking, “This seems crazy! This doesn’t look safe! Is this even legal?” In a day and age when animals are protected (not to mention crazy people), I would hope stuff like that doesn’t happen anymore.

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    • Oh my goodness! That’s pretty shocking. I can’t imagine that the alligator would lose. They are something else. But I’m glad we’ve moved away from such blatant cruelty (and stupidity)! I wonder if that gave you nightmares!

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  2. I notice you’re wearing gloves with the gun. Smart move! That way it leaves no gun residue on your hands or fingerprints on the gun. Y’know police look for those things…..hmmmm

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