* TToT: 2019 is almost over!

Thanks to Kristi and her co-hosts for this week’s Ten Things of Thankful. 2019 has been a tough year, with a record number of trips to the emergency room, lots of job changes, surgery, and illnesses. A wise man once said that we should be thankful with the cards we’re dealt; there may be some Jokers in the next hand. Well, he didn’t say it quite like that, but I’m ready for a new hand of cards.

I’ll begin my ten things by saying I’m glad to have recovered from a nasty sinus infection (#1). And my dearest teaching widower (DTW) created a silver lining by looking after me (#2), keeping me outfitted in tea and chocolate (#3).

We are going to see the Star Wars movie tonight (#4) and because of all the cough syrup I’ve taken (#5), I won’t disturb the crowd.

On the home front, I was well enough today to chase a herd of deer out of our front yard (#6) but it was too nippy to add seeds to the bird feeders (#6 minus 1…oops!). I have a special Christmas party planned for a special student tomorrow! It’s gonna be fantastic (#6 again, plus #7).

Another benefit of being ill is binge-watching TV with my precious teaching widower (#8). I’d highly recommend Blue Bloods, a fine series about the (fictional) Irish-American Reagan family and their commitment to law enforcement (#9).

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you may enjoy The Expanse as much as I do (#10). My DTW has deserted me on this one. It’s a gripping series about life on Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt (centuries from now). I think my DTW can’t stand that flashlight technology will never improve….

Both Blue Bloods and The Expanse are streaming on Amazon.

It’s great to be back in the blogging saddle. Thanks for joining me!

8 thoughts on “* TToT: 2019 is almost over!

  1. I love your positive attitude, Katharine. It can be very discouraging when our health (something I take for granted far too often) lets us down. I love your list, mainly because your dearest teaching widower is your knight in shining armor. #4 and #5 had me laughing out loud — nothing quite like a movie to catch a snooze. (even if it is related to cough medicine)

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Pete. I also take my body for granted. If it doesn’t hurt, I don’t think about the amazing processes going on all the time. Just got home from the Star Wars movie, which cane full circle and neatly wrapped up all the other loose ends. Fun time!

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  2. Great to ‘see’ you again. Will have to check out the recommendations*

    Trust that the coming year will be one of health and interesting events. And, I will say, there’s a certain inherent cool to be able to say, ‘Twenty twenty’

    * for someone with a lot of interest in technology and such, I am clumsy with the entertainment resources… we have a tv with all the above, just am not familiar with the byways and paths that are necessary to access. But then, I used the description ‘tv’ as in television, all the future anthropologists will need to identify me . lol

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    • Hahaha! I think you will have anthropologists standing on their heads trying to figure you out!
      I also like twenty-twenty. I remember thinking how odd it was in the year 2000, because we’d have to start saying twenty-something and that sounded foreign to my ears after 50 years of nineteen-something. How time flies. Thanks for commenting!


  3. I am glad you are feeling better. Those sinus infections seem to hang on for the longest time.

    The deer are still hanging around here, there and everywhere. I have to be so careful when I drive the hilly roads around here. I never know when one, or more are going to leap up from a gully along side the road.

    I’m glad you are enjoying your break and it is good to see you here at TToT.

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