* And the award goes to…

Pete Springer!

Pete is a new blogger and author of a terrific book about his teaching experiences, “They Call Me Mom.” For those of you who haven’t checked out Pete’s blog, you’re in for a treat. He is a retired teacher who has always dreamed of writing children’s books and has one for middle school students on the way. Pete also continues to serve others through his volunteer work, helping to support literacy and teachers who need a boost.

The Liebster Award is especially for outstanding bloggers who are are new to this online world. It is given in recognition of super posts, while encouraging the author to hunt down other new bloggers and share the award.

Pete, you just need to answer these questions and then find two other bloggers who are also deserving of this award. You can create your own questions for them or use the ones below.

  • What led you into the world of blogging?
  • What has most surprised you about this online world?
  • How do you decide what to post? Do you have a schedule or routine for your blog?
  • Tell us one thing about yourself that we would never have imagined.
  • What has been the greatest difficulty you’ve faced as a new blogger?
  • What would you tell someone who is considering starting a blog?

Be sure to head over to Pete’s blog and congratulate him on his Liebster Award!

3 thoughts on “* And the award goes to…

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  2. Thank you so much, Katharine. I had never heard about this award until today. It is an excellent way for newer bloggers like myself to meet new people. Here is my post, including the answers to the questions you wrote. https://petespringerauthor.wordpress.com/2019/11/22/whats-the-liebster-award/ Now, I’m going to start working on choosing two other folks to nominate. Thank you for nominating me, but more importantly, being someone who spreads kindness to those in the blogging world.

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    • You are a terrific blogger and person, Pete! I enjoy your self-deprecating humor because I can see how gifted AND humble you are. It’s quite amazing that someone as outgoing as you was once very shy. Quite a transformation!

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