* TToT: welcome to my neighborhood

Thanks to Kristi and friends for hosting the weekly Ten Things of Thankful blogging challenge. I’m a tad late but happy to share news from my world.

(#1) I’m so grateful that my dearest teaching widower (DTW) is back from New Orleans! I’m always discombobulated while he’s gone. I’m also wildly proud of him: He does so much to advance his field of child forensic interviews. Giving hurt kids a voice is HUGE.

(#2) During my DTW’s absence, I was both fascinated and annoyed with the bucks who roamed our neighborhood. Despite all the deer repellent I’ve sprayed lately, two big boys chased one another around our house. I managed to get a photo of one and then spotted a younger buck down the street (#4).

(#5) I have enjoyed walks around the neighborhood, carrying my phone for quick photos. This week I had an eye exam and was told I have “short eyes.” So grateful I also have long legs (#4). I don’t enjoy the pupil dilating drops but look how cool that is! Zombieland? (#6)

(#7) My Fantasy League experience has been much better than last year! Sadly, I am on the losing side right now, but we’ll see…. (Does that mean I’m back at #6?)

#8, #9, and #10: Thanks to clarkscottroger‘s Secret Rules (1.3?) which allow me to sink into gratitude for completing this challenge! Whew! See you next weekend, TToT’-ers.

18 thoughts on “* TToT: welcome to my neighborhood

  1. Glad you joined us again this week! As long as the link is open, you aren’t late. 🙂
    We had quite a few deer in our neighborhood last winter. I haven’t noticed any this season yet, but I don’t know if that’s because the city thinned the herd (which they apparently are going to do) or if I just haven’t seen any yet. In any case, I can relate to the “fascinated and annoyed” statement.

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  2. Funny! We had two big bucks running pell-mell around our house one time this past week too. The does were scattering like crazy. One of the bucks ended up with a flopping broken antler. My husband saw them while he was safely inside a deer-proofed fenced garden area.

    The one thing about all the deer is that they make great lawn mowers.

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  3. Nice pics, love the bucks!! Silly question, what are short eyes? Is that the equivalent of being nearsighted? The only time I’ve heard a similar term is shortsighted by friends of mine in the UK and I think Australia as well but not sure. Dilation drops are the worst.

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    • Yeah, you’ll know all about those drops. Yuck. So they meant I’m farsighted. I think short eyes is a silly term but apparently my eyes are 1 millimeter shorter than I don’t know what. I mean, there’s no average anything with body parts. I sure appreciate you stopping by!

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      • You’re welcome! Yeah, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t see, I’d make an excellent eye doctor with the wealth of information I’ve learned through my sight loss experience. Thanks for explaining short eyes, I’ve never heard that before.

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      • Oh no, sorry to hear that and unfortunately even though I’ve had cataracts I wasn’t paying attention in class that day so I cannot recomment a supplement. That’s a good question though. My surgeon told me when mine began growing as a result of so many surgeries, that they no longer wait for them to ‘ripen’ like in days past but I think it depends on the doctor and the patient’s particular situation.

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  4. totally agree with the others, discomfort with staring at the sun notwithstanding, giant pupils are (is?) kinda cool.
    we seem to be in the family zone here as the deer that walk out of the woods into our yard would be mostly female and/or young.
    have an excellent week!
    (Secret Rule 1.3 is surely one of the best of all secret rules)

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  5. There are so many deer this year! A HUGE one ran across the road ahead of me the other night. It wasn’t close enough that I was in any danger of hitting him, but close enough for me to stop the car and see if any of his friends were following him (they weren’t).

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