* A Measured Response

It takes a clever and imaginative mind to create a different time and place on Earth. Jim Webster has written a delightful series that both rang true and made me ponder. The Port Naain Intelligencer is part mystery, part fantasy. Benor Dorfinngil is a witty cartographer with amazing wall climbing skills and a taste for good food. In the course of his travels to Naain, he removes a gad grub from a girl’s cheek (OW!) and stumbles across a woman’s body. He’s one sharp dude with a very kind heart.

This is the kind of book you’ll want to race through, but I guarantee it’s best to savor it. You’ll mostly end up surprised and eager for the entire series. For more info, be sure to check out Jim Webster‘s page on Amazon. What a clever writer!

A special thank you to Sally at Smorgasbord for her intro to Jim Webster’s books! And visit Jim Webster‘s blog for up-to-date info on this fabulous fantasy writer!

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