* TToT- bloggers plus

I am thrilled to join the Ten Things of Thankful folks once again. I really need to be grateful for all that I have in this life and the one to come. Here we go!

My dearest teaching widower (DTW) has been so incredibly patient as I’ve gone through one-handed weeks after my shoulder surgery. I could not have survived this without his love, wisdom, and encouragement to take pain pills!

I am grateful for our pastor at Grace Church, Kendrick Vinar, who shares his journey and inspirations on his Enjoy More blog. Not only is he an amazing leader, he lives what he teaches. Kendrick was recently diagnosed with cancer and is celebrating the victory before the victory!

Last night in our movie group, we showed a powerful documentary (“Last Train Home”) on migrant workers in China. It was filmed across 3 years, with a focus on a couple who left their kids with grandparents and migrated to a city for factory work. Let’s just say that all of us were deeply moved to be grateful for the abundance of our lives.

I appreciate so many bloggers, including Barbara at Teleporting Weena, where you will find all kinds of lovely and mysterious writing plus photos. Her post on Fibbing Fridays is absolutely hilarious!

We’re having a cold spell, which makes me grateful for Shari’s post on the Weekend Coffee Share. She writes about all things Christmas: hot chocolate, snow, sledding, Christmas cards, and the old Sears Christmas Wish Book. Jingle, jingle!

My dearest teaching widower and I went on a short train ride with some friends! It was my DTW’s idea that we take up train riding as a retirement hobby. So neither of us has actually retired but we’ve made our first trip! Yay!

I’m grateful that it’s pomegranate season! Stained teeth and fingernails don’t bother me at all.

I’m grateful for the ‘purple pill,’ as my DTW calls it. Yes, Cadbury milk chocolate comes in a sparkling purple wrapper. And it makes my brain so happy.

What wonderful kiddos I serve! How they light up my life!

Finally, I am grateful to Clark (well, perhaps Roger or Scott) for the rule that allows me to stop at #9! Hope you feel encouraged to be grateful today!

12 thoughts on “* TToT- bloggers plus

  1. I hope your recovery is going well.
    I’m sorry for your pastor’s diagnosis. I just attended the funeral of a neighbor who lost a battle with cancer. Fortunately, many people are cancer survivors, and I hope that is the case with your pastor.
    Glad you linked up again with us this week!

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  2. Thanks so much for the mention and link, Katherine! I do so appreciate it, and am happy you enjoy visiting my blog, as I do yours. 🙂
    Train trips – what a fun idea! I’m guessing y’all have some nearby for passengers? We have nothing like that here, but it would be an experience for sure.
    haha – purple pill !!

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  3. trains! (for something that was, once not very long ago, a fundamental element in the transportation options, I have never stepped foot (or sat seat) on a train!)
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. (My blogging instincts, like, totally provided the obvious… ‘what a fun blog (or series within a blog)… the world through the windows of a train… (naturally the ‘City of New Orleans’ cued up in my head, Arlo’s version.) lol
    The Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is so very helpful, not only with it’s purpose specific rules, but it’s appendixeses (the ones with the blank pages)… bring along enough ibids and op cits and stick a couple of square parenthesie and your in business!
    Have a good week.

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  4. What a delightful TToT!
    I am glad you had your DTW around to help you through your recovering following surgery, and of course all the other times as well.
    The documentary sounds so interesting. Sounds like a must watch for me.
    Who doesn’t need and WANT a purple pill? Love Cadbury, but most times am pretty good at resisting buying them. Note: I said most times, not always. 🙂

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