* Weekend Coffee Share – Eeyore’s buddy

I’ve been drinking a lot of Tetley’s tea this week. It’s soothing and balances out the ice I’m keeping on my shoulder. I’m fairly not really patient about this painful process of healing, trying to keep my eyes on the prize: being able to swim again.

BUT there is a potential glitch with swimming again. It’s been 3 years since I had Eustachian tube surgery that left a tube in my ear. How many times I’ve prayed for that tube to fall out so I could swim! That prayer was recently answered, rather unexpectedly, when an audiology intern accidentally ripped it out. Ouch. I still have a pesky hole so I may need a graft….

Apart from my body falling to pieces around me, I’m enjoying my part-time work schedule. Yes, I am officially abandoning my third retirement. But I now have time to clean the house! And cook! I’d be decluttering if I could properly lift anything. I like to think I’d be extremely productive if I weren’t hurting so much. Probably not.

Yesterday my physical therapist asked me about my weekend plans. I said I was getting my hair cut. Seriously? My life sounds pretty edgy, right? I tell you, though, her EQ is really strong. She looked blank for just a fraction of a second and said, “Well, getting a haircut can often make you feel better.” I could have told her I was getting my legs amputated and she’d say, “There are some cool prosthetics these days.” She’s used to working with Eeyore’s buddies.

This little babe is a great cure for the blues. I’m teaching her to say, “Aunt Katharine.” Thankfully, I’m sooooo loved by Jesus! I’m his favorite, actually.

8 thoughts on “* Weekend Coffee Share – Eeyore’s buddy

  1. Hello TZW – i’m going to have to find a better token to use in greeting you. TZW sounds to much like some software technology. You are a teacher! This career has been a big part of our family. My BA is in Christian Education and i taught computer science for many years in mostly in the corp setting, but I did teach for a long time for UC Berkeley Extension near Silicon Valley. Loved it. My wife, now that our home schooled kiddos are grown, teaches at a local private college and we love sharing stories.

    You must read my piece about giving exams. After reading it, other teachers either wish they could do this or want to strangle me for even thinking of it. It was a lot of fun and worked really great. Here’s the link if I caught your interest. https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/my-rowdy-approach-to-giving-exams/

    I’m very pleased to meet you and hope to see you back here for a visit often.

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    • Hey, GAW! I guess you could just say Katharine…. How cool that you and your wife are in education! We lived in the Bay Area for many years. It’s a small world! I am excited yo check out your rowdy exam methods!


  2. I love your post. It’s good to approach our mysterious ailments and disabilities with a sense of humor. I’ve spent the past two days with a heating pad on my back, which I probably hurt by doing some physical things like rolling over in bed or brushing my teeth. I’ve got too many blessings in my life to let a little something such as this get me down. You’ve got the right perspective, and that bay has to be the best cure of all.

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  3. Awww, darling little one! Hello, Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Mine’s never been the same since I was hit by a car about 2.5 yrs ago. It made moving last month quite an adventure in pain. My PT is good old housework. Hope you have a great week this week.

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