* Ouch

It’s been too long since I last blogged! I’ve been recovering pretty well from surgery and trying to stay on my part-time teaching schedule. I’m grateful to be ambidextrous, since my right arm is pitiful.

But as much as my shoulder feels uncomfortable, my biggest OUCH is long distance tutoring with the kiddos. It’s frustrating for all of us. I really wish I could have a serious chat with their teachers. Poor ‘Isaac.’ Despite his obvious math struggles, he keeps getting more of the same. More worksheets and ‘do overs’ will not change the fact that he can’t multiply or divide in sixth grade.

I have blogged about how hard it is to catch up in math once you start climbing the ladder without all the rungs. Isaac could never memorize any addition and subtraction facts when he was in third grade, so how could he successfully climb to the next level? Not only that, but I was WAY off base when I estimated that he could relearn and acquire some proficiency in 6 months.

Sadly, Isaac began to strongly resist any intervention. He was tired by the end of a school day. He hated to think that he needed to learn ‘different’ strategies because that meant he was broken. He already felt broken enough from his uncertain family situation.

Now he cries endlessly, worried about failing 6th grade. You know what happens when you try to learn and your limbic system is in overdrive? Ouch.

8 thoughts on “* Ouch

  1. Poor kid. Poor you! I hope you can help him understand that he can catch up later when he’s ready, because basic maths skills are useful in real life. Sounds like he just needs some love at the moment! So glad he has you xx

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  2. Lernt fürs nächste Kapitel vor, sodass er erfolge beim Lernen hat.
    Leider ist das Schulsystem nicht aufgebaut, dass jeder lernen kann. Liegt manchmal nur an der Methode. Lernstrategie. Im Internet gibt es viele Tipps, auch auf YouTube. Wünsche deinen Schatz alles, alles gute und viel Spaß und liebe in seinem Leben.

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