* Not the sharpest blade….

My dearest teaching widower has heart disease and so we’ve spent our fair share of time in the ER. Our current visit has been long and we’re dealing with a new medical issue now.

And then there was the issue of me being a threat to public safety. With my Swiss Army knife. I didn’t realize it was in my backpack when we got here but the X-ray machine caught it. I rambled on to reassure them I wasn’t a danger to anyone except myself (I had sliced my thumb trying to open all the gadgets). They stared at me while I explained I’d been a Girl Scout/Girl Guide and always wanted another special knife. Eventually a police officer showed me doodads on my weapon that I didn’t know I had! Who knew there was a toothpick? Or tweezers? Of course, they confiscated it but concluded I was harmless and certainly not as sharp as my blade….

4 thoughts on “* Not the sharpest blade….

  1. After reading about your experience, I had a flashback to when airport security took such great interest in ne of my bags many years ago. I was taking a continuing ed class at the time, and I had brought along some of the things from the class. One of the objects was a spinner that one might use to play a game. After my bag went through the x-ray machine, they wanted to make sure it wasn’t some kind of timer that was going to detonate. I had forgotten all about it and couldn’t understand why my clothing would be of any interest to them.

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