* TToT: my week

I’m joining a blogging challenge to share Ten Things for which I’m thankful this week. Here we go!

1. My stitches were removed from the finger I nearly lopped off almost 2 weeks ago. Whew! Glad to be on the mend.

2. This bunny friend comes daily to feast in our overgrown yard. He’s adorable!

3. Speaking of animals, oh say can see our patriotic deer? Thankfully, this one is in a neighbor’s yard.

4. The smoker my dearest widower won for Father’s Day was full of water and rust when we opened it yesterday. And it still worked! Here’s why the water got in. Not thankful for Dorian.

This photo was taken from the inside of the cover.

5. I prepared a rockin’ potato salad today! Thankful to Gimme Some Oven for the recipe.

And following ClarkScottRoger’s awesome book of rules, numbers 6- 9 are open for someone else to contribute! PLEASE!

As for number 10, I am grateful for my new, mostly-retired status: just hangin’ around!

11 thoughts on “* TToT: my week

  1. I’m glad you didn’t succeed in lopping off that finger! Ouch!
    We had bunnies in our yard when we lived in CA. I miss them. We have deer now, and while I enjoy seeing them, too, I’m always a little worried about how much they will eat!
    I hope Dorian didn’t cause too much trouble where you are. I feel so bad for those affected.

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    • Thanks for your comments! We had minimal effects from Dorian here, thankfully. It was windy and rainy but we were too far inland to have more than some early school closures and delays. So grateful!


  2. Excellent usage of the BoSR/SBoR*
    I believe you are citing (or invoking, depends on one’s metaphysics)… Sub Chap 5 para 4-3.3 “when encountering a hypo-abundance of Grat Items while engaged in a linkup of more than 4 blogs, the polynomial of (said) other blogs are permitted to be left [o]pen… ibid op cit
    Potato salad surely one of the finest forms of carbohydrates (especially my favorite summer food: ham and potato salad on rye bread).
    Have a good week,
    * Book of Secret Rules, aka Secret Book of Rules

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  3. So glad your finger is almost healed!
    Bunnies are cute, but I supposed if there are a lot of them that could be problematic. I still enjoy seeing the deer, even though they think we hired them to prune anything and everything. LOL
    I’m glad that your smoker still works. I hope you Dorian didn’t do any other damage to your property.

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    • Yeah, as cute as they are, the little rascals ate a fair number of expensive flowers. So much for gardening! I think you’re right; they are convinced I’ve hired them and the deer! 🤪


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